Could The Wizards Beat The Kentucky Wildcats At Rupp Arena?!?

The Wizards play the New Orleans Hornets at The University Of Kentucky's Rupp Arena in a preseason homecoming game for former 1-and-Done stars John Wall and Anthony Davis. If history is any indication of future performance, it's a game the Wizards will almost certainly lose.[1]

Nonetheless, hope springs eternal here at BF, and I think the consensus is this is the most excited people have been about this team since the Bush Administration. Everyone around here expects the playoffs to be a shoo-in next season, some people going as far as to claim we can make a run at the #4 spot and homecourt advantage in the first round.

To which I say... are you serious? How can a team that won 7 road games last year even entertain playoff talk, let alone a high seed? Because if this team's road woes in The John Wall Era continue, I'm thinking we'll be praying for Andrew Wiggins next Spring.

I hate being the resident buzzkill, but might I remind you all that this squad scores almost 9 points worse on the road, with dramatic dips in shooting percentages across the board. And for all his offensive proclivity, John Wall is borderline dreadful away from home. I've talked about this until I'm blue in the face, and of course numbers only tell part of the story. Let's revisit some particularly awful road losses last season:

* Late game meltdown vs Sacramento (Wall missed late FT's)

* Lethargic late season loss at Toronto, (The entire team appeared to be on sizzurp/lean/purple drank).

* Late game meltdown vs Charlotte (When Kemba Walker went into NBA Jam mode on Wall).

* Late season loss at Orlando (Which had like 8 rookies playing)

* Loss to depleted Cavs squad (Which had no Kyrie)

* Loss to T-Wolves (With no Kevin Love and no Pekovic.. basically nobody but Rubio).

* 2OT Loss to Hawks (Damn that Ashton Kutcher... errr.. Kyle Korver).

* 32 point drubbing at Detroit. (I'll admit, I didn't watch this one past the 1st quarter)

* Late season loss at Boston (That one time... when Shavlik Randolph channeled his Inner Larry Bird)

* Late season loss at Brooklyn (In which we were destroyed by something called Tornike Shengelia)

Sorry, but you can't be taken seriously when you're losing games like that, to opponents like that. And yes, most of those losses came with John Wall IN the lineup. Since Wall's red carpet arrival at Verizon Center, this team has won a grand total of 19 road games. That, my friends, will not cut it.[2]

I don't have the answers here, because (beyond shooting better on the road) they aren't obvious. Maybe this team simply doesn't prepare for road games as well, which might point to a leadership (Wall) or coaching (Wittman) issue. The inability to execute on both ends of the court in late game situations cost the team many of those losses. Before someone says "well, you have to learn to beat bad teams on the road first". Bull. This is not a young team anymore. Wall and Beal are playing with seasoned vets. I also wouldn't blame all this on injuries, because as noted above, many of these losses came against teams even more banged up than us.

With the team's treacherous road-heavy November schedule, I could easily see us getting off to another terrible start. Maybe some proverbial heads (here's lookin' at you Randy and Ernie) will roll and maybe we'll get some people who know what they're doing in charge. Or maybe we'll just be looking at another lost season, in which we look for our next savior from the NCAA ranks.

Possibly even at Rupp Arena.

[1] No, of course the Wizards wouldn't lose to the Wildcats at Rupp Arena. They are grown-assed professional men, playing teenagers. It wouldn't be competitive.

[2] I'm sure you guys are tired of reading various takes on this topic. Trust me, I'm tired of writing them. Doesn't mean it's not a valid point of concern.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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