People Have Already Written Otto Off? Really?

No need to lie, I wasn't overly impressed with our #3 overall pick's Summer League performance. He looked tentative, physically overmatched, and at times completely out of his league, literally and figuratively. Still, this is Summer League, where guys like Shammond Williams, Reggie Williams and Josh Selby are All-World. Sure, you're rather see your guy play well than struggle, but this league is no guarantee of future success.

That said, it's amazing that so many people here have completely written off Otto Porter. Some say he'll have little impact this year, others say he's 2 years away from having his option denied and playing for the Iowa Energy fulltime. Seriously, ya'll? All this after a handful of (admittedly unimpressive) pointless exhibitions? Seriously?

Lets not forget, lots of players have looked overmatched during Summer League and still had exemplary careers. Greg Oden (overlook the career derailing injuries), Blake Griffin (outplayed by Epic Vale!), Dion Waiters (overweight and also struggled mightily during the preseason), Larry Sanders (struggled till last year), and Demarcus Cousins (shot 33%) all basically underperformed their draft slots, and all have gone on to be perfectly good pros.

Just to prove the point, look at these names: Jermaine Taylor, Sonny Weems, Dominique Jones, Gani Lawal, Derrick Character, Mark Tyndale, Luke Babbitt, Devin Ebanks, DeJuan Summers, Lazar Hayward, Kenny Hasbrouck, Morris Almond, Deron Washington, Curtis Withers, Coby Karl.

All Top 50 Scorers in the 2010 Summer League. All completely out of the NBA.

You know who wasn't in the Top 50? Danny Green. Eric Bledsoe. Jeremy Lin. Patrick Patterson. Darren Collison. Greivis Vasquez. Patrick Beverly. All solid NBA rotation players.

That's not to say Otto's destined for future success. He clearly needs to get stronger, and work on finishing at the rim. It didn't exactly help having the immortal Sundiata Gaines finding you open looks. So take all that with the proverbial grain of salt. I have little doubt Otto's well aware of this, and is in the gym working on his game as I type.[1]

In short: let the man play some actual NBA games before you write his career epitath. [1] I will, however, admit some mild disappointment at the recent news that he skipped Pete Newell's annual Vegas Skills summer camp. Don't understand that.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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