Take it easy guys, the Wizards are heading to the right direction

I've been an EG hater for a long time, but somehow, I think the Wiz are doing fine lately. But I also see quite mixed reactions from the fans here, which I'd like to review a bit and share why I'm happy with the jobs done and hopefully calm you down a bit too

I'll start with what we asked for before the off-season first:

  1. Resign Martell Webster
  2. Draft Otto Porter (Yes, really specifically)
  3. Sign A back-up PG
  4. Get a big that can shoot

So, what were done:

  1. We resigned Martel Webster
  2. We drafted Otto Porter, and traded for a decent prospect in Rice
  3. We signed a back-up PG

But what are some of us not satisfied with?

  1. Signing Martell Webster for too much money
  2. Not drafting Noel
  3. Not signing a better back-up PG
  4. No cap room to sign the big that can shoot

My points:

  1. We resigned the great guy that unveiled the Wizards when we needed it the most, at the price just 20% more than Jan Vesely, 25% less than Afflalo, 50% less than Stephen Jackson, and 60% less than Ben Gordon.

    Yes, he came off a career year and had injury history, but man, so you don't pay someone after a career year, when do you? I mean, isn't not paying well for a player after their career year just like your boss not giving you bonus after your performance improve significantly in the past year?

    This team needs to keep its veterans, they have shown the positive impacts that could bring to the young guys, and Webster is one of them.

    In a negative way, the contract may look bad if Webster doesn't play well on the course, but I remember quite a lot of people questioned the Jazz offering Paul Millsap (the guy you want) too big of a contract when they have Boozer, but turned out that's a damn nice contract with his production. Point is, until we find out, probably can't call it a bad contract yet.

    So what happens to future FAs? Well, Nene's contract will be a good bait a year before we need to extend Beal, and hopefully they will let Vesely, Sing and Book walk to free up more space. The concern is understood but then we can't say we are screwed to sign them as we don't even know who will be available by then.

  2. Yes, we didn't draft Noel, which I was disappointed for a while too, but I felt okay as we are not the only team that passed up on him. He may be a game changer in a couple of years, but we are making assumptions anyway, that he bulks up, the injuries are ok and his offensive games get more polished.

    But drafting Porter gives this team a solid perimeter lineup (now add Webster to the 2 and 3 rotation), that's damn solid. I remember someone on this board said that this perimeter lineup will be able to draw major interests from star-level FAs later, which I 100% agree with. Also, we need to prove that we are a winning team before we can attract any big name players.

  3. Maynor may not worth the contract, again, but with BAE who can we get? I love Jack's game but he asks for 7M, Harris costed over 8M in the previous one. Maynor was a winner in college, with the kind of mentality and BBall IQ that fits with this team. He's just 26 and still have some upside and backed up two star-level PGs before, and played pretty well in the second half of last season recovering from an ACL injury.

    Some claimed, so what if Wall gets hurt again?! Who's gonna back him up? I mean, Wall is the best player in the team, when your best player go down, your team is gonna be pretty bad anyway unless you are the Heat. Lakers and OKC didn't make it even with their second best player went down (Sorry Kobe, I think Dwight is better at this stage of your career). The logic isn't right to back up your best player with a good player, especially we don't have a trillionaire owner.

  4. Finally, the big man part. As I believe the organization is heading to the right direction, I believe a good deal can be made with Ariza or even both Okariza contracts, so lets see.

The Wizards really look good to me right now, with a decent PF/C and everyone staying healthy, the future is bright, can't wait for the next season, in fact, can't even wait for summer league.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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