Revisiting Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap

I can play with the trade machine just like the next guy, but I don't know how to make this one work. I just know that I would MUCH rather sign Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap as free agents to get our "Stretch Four" than try to find one in the draft.

The only problem? Yeah, we don't have any cap space. Is there any way to get one of these guys? Would a team trade us a completely expiring deal worth Ariza or Okafor? Could we work some deal with Utah? Let me try to take a stab at this, even though I doubt this would be easy.

I randomly had this thought and hit the Google machine, and I saw this:

The Utah Jazz were in talks about possibly trading big men Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap to the Boston Celtics at the trade deadline according to Greg Dickerson of Comcast Sportsnet.

Jefferson was drafted by the Celtics and spent three seasons in Boston before being traded to Minnesota. Millsap was drafted by the Jazz in 2006. Both are scheduled to become free agents on July 1.

The possible terms of the trade were not reported, although the Celtics did end up trading big man Jason Collins and point guard Leandro Barbosa to the Washington Wizards for Jordan Crawford.

Although there was speculation that the Jazz would move one or more of its eight players scheduled to become free agents, the Jazz made no transactions at the trade deadline.

With the departure of so many free agents, the Jazz are currently on the hook for only $26.9 million in salary next year, the second lowest in the league. All the additional cap space makes it likely that the Jazz will try and re-sign some of their scheduled free agents.

So I guess we were talking about Boston trying to dump salary and maybe include Pierce or Garnett? I don't know. Perhaps somebody better at sign and trades can explain this to me. I've read on BF many times that the Jazz loves Kanter and Favors. Would they really choose those guys over Jefferson and Millsap? And how good can either really be when Utah is so bad? Oh right, they lost their All-Star point guard.

But wait, there's hope! Peter J. Novak of SLC Dunk, the Jazz blog (WTF is that name?) has this to say, including a little kernel of hope:

Assuming that Jefferson and Millsap all would earn around $10m per season, the table shows the following 15 teams which would likely be able to have or create enough cap room to sign either guy without having to provide any compensation to Utah: Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Indiana, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento and San Antonio. The following 10 teams are either at or near the Luxury Tax line and thus would be very difficult (if not completely forbidden) to make a sign-and-trade with: Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Denver, Golden State, LA Lakers, Memphis, Miami, New York, Oklahoma City.

That leaves a realistic sign-and-trade market to the following 4 teams: LA Clippers, Minnesota, Toronto, Washington (!!!!).

Wait, what? I don't know, but we have Oakariza and Nene. Why does something tell me Ernie would love to have Jefferson? Could we sign and trade using Ariza? They certainly wouldn't want all of our forwards. I think you can't trade the third pick in this scenario. Ariza, next years lotto pick and .. AJ Price? I don't know!!!

Let me throw in a poll question:

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