Draft Recap

1. CLE: I'll give them credit for taking the guy they liked best even if it was a few spots early since no one in the 5-7 range was likely clamoring to trade up. But still, Bennett? He can't and won't play D at all. His ceiling is Antawn Jamison and he doesn't even fit their roster that well. Should have either taken Porter for position fit, Len/Noel for potential or Oladipo as best available. Not a good pick

2. ORL: Love it. Dipo is my best player on the board and while he has some overlap with Afflalo, ORL isn't good enough to care and AA may be traded soon.

3. WAS: Went the safe route with Porter who is a solid player and a good fit for the roster. Could have swung for the fences with Len or Noel but will assume that injury issues knocked them down a little. I'd have taken Len and then used the 2 2nd rounders to get a wing (like the Rice Jr trade they made).

4. CHA: hahaha. I like Zeller at like 10 but this is high for him. Still think he's good but when a team like the horncats reach for someone, I'm pretty sure they'll bust

5. PHX: had to be surprised to have both Len & Noel on the board. Either would have been good as a high potential big who also helps their Wiggins tanking chances for next year given Len/Noel's injuries & need to develop. I like Len better so like this pick a lot. This is a very solid landing spot for Len. No expectations, a great training staff and a solid pg. As Terps fan, I'm very happy, esp since Sacramento was coming up soon.

6. NO: amazing to have Noel & McLemore available here but neither really fit a need. Traded Noel & a top 5 protected 2014 pick for Jrue Holliday. I hate this trade for NO. Holliday isn't that big an upgrade from Vasquez & they gave up 2 lottery pick for it, weird. Either draft Noel, prove he's healthy then trade him or just draft McLemore as Gordon insurance and move forward.

7. SAC: Have to be thrilled that McLemore dropped to them. Good job of not over thinking the pick and just taking the best player available

8. DET: not a huge fan of KCP but he fits a big team need and was one of the better players on the board. Burke was the best available but I guess this means they are very confident in B. Knight

9. MN: Took Burke and flipped him to Utah for #14 & 21 in this draft. Meh, they already had another 1 in this draft so don't see a lot of value in trading down for more picks in this draft. Burke wasn't a great fit in MN and would be too close to what Kahn would have done so I understand, but don't love it. I'd have taken McCollum and let him play the 2 alongside Rubio & looked for a small forward with the second 1st. Loved the trade for Utah, got the best pg in the draft without giving up anything significant

10. POR: McCollum - weird fit for Portland but was best player on the board and will be able to find minutes. Very solid pick

11. PHI: Carter-Williams - not a huge fan of his game since he can't shoot and turned the ball over a lot when I watched him. Still, an amazing overall draft for Philly since their original core wasn't going anywhere and they ended up with 2 lottery picks this year and two next year for a very good pg but one who is not (& will never be) in the top 5 at his position

12. OKC: Adams - has all the physical characteristics needed but doesn't seem to know how to play. They can likely afford to wait for him so it's a decent pick but an ugly reminder of just how terrible the Harden trade was. Would you rather have J. Lamb & Adams or Noel & a 2014 1st? Oh year, and a year of Harden instead of Martin and since Harden is better than Holliday, you'd probably be able to get even more than Philly did.

13. DAL: Olynyk, traded to Boston. I can't really keep up with the trade but Olynyk is a decent prospect for a rebuilding Boston team.

14. Utah: Shabazz to MN. Fits a need for MN but I'd rather have McCollum

15. MIL: the Greek Durant - except he only played against d3 level players. Come back in 5 years and we'll see if this pick was good, I guess the Bucks are rebuilding again.

16. BOS: Nogueira (braziliian 7') - only positive thing about him is a game against the US 2 years ago, not a good sign. He ended up in Atlanta as a part of the Dal/Bos/Atl trade. I'd have rather had Olynyk if I'm Atl.

17. ATL: Schoeder - a German Tony Parker! Or is he the next Rondo? Probably neither, but is a solid pg prospect with good size, 6'2", and athleticism. Could signal the end of Teague in ATL but that's not an enormous loss

18. ATL: Larkin - traded to Dallas as the final piece of the 3 way trade. I think he's the best player in this trade, so good for Dallas. Larkin + Dirk + D. Howard would be an interesting start.

19. CLE: Karasev - don't know anything about him but I'd rather have Bullock, Snell or Crabbe unless he's a stash candidate.

20. CHI: Snell - solid pick and fills a need. I like Crabbe best of the wings but that's splitting hairs. I'd have picked Dieng since it's harder to get bigs than wings but that's also cuz I assume Deng will be back this year and in the future. Even wanting Dieng and preferring Crabbe, I like this pick.

21. Utah: Dieng to MN. I like him and he's good depth or insurance if their center leaves in free agency. After not liking MN's trade initially, I like it better now. Shabazz and Dieng is a solid haul. I'd rather have McCollum/Adams and Crabbe but not by a landslide. Good job of salvaging a mediocre trade.

22. NETS: Plumlee - what a joke. I hate him, he's terrible. He's tall and athletic but can't shoot, isn't a good 1-1 defender and doesn't have post moves. Only could score in the post when he had a size advantage, athleticism advantage and huge amounts of time/space to work. To answer Bill Simmons, he's a poor man's Stiemsma. Give me a wing to back up Pierce/JJohnson.

23. INDY: S. Hill - I thought he was a second rounder so am not a fan. I'd have gone Crabbe or Bullock instead since they can shoot so much better but he was a very solid player at AZ. I like the position chosen, just not the player.

24. NYK: Hardaway, Jr - not a big fan of the player but he has a little more creativity to his game than a Bullock.

25. LAC: Bullock - finally! Big fan of him as a 3's & D player and a great fit for LAC who have a need on the wing and are trying to contend now. One of my favorite picks in the draft.

26. MN: Roberson - sold to OKC. Very good defender & rebounder but limited offensively. If he can develop a jumper, he'll be a solid role player. I'd rather have Crabbe since I think there are minutes available now and Thabo already provides the perimeter D. Maybe they believe Lamb is ready to step up and play and so Roberson has time to develop a J while watching for a year or two,

27. DEN: Gobert - traded to Utah for a 2nd rounder. Not much of a player right now but is huge and long. Very worth taking a chance on a guy like this at this point.

28. SA: Jean-Charles - He'll probably be winning titles with Leonard in 5 years but I thought it was time to add a wing who could contribute now in an attempt to keep their window open. Crabbe or Franklin is where I would have gone. Franklin can't shoot, but neither could Leonard so let Chip Engelland work his magic again.

29. OKC: Goodwin - traded to PHX. Decent lottery ticket for a terrible team. He was bad in college last year but has a lot of talent.

30. PHX: Nedovic - traded to GS. I know nothing about the player, but I like that GS ownership was willing to buy another pick

2nd round thoughts:

  • CRABBE!!!!! - finally my guy gets picked. I thought Cleveland should have kept him instead of shipping him to Portland, but a good deal for Port.
  • Canaan, Rice, Mitchell, Wolters, Franklin, & Muscala are all interesting prospects. I have no idea how good Ledo & Jerrett are but they have the talent and so are very worth 2nd round fliers.
  • I really like the fit of Erik Murphy with the Bulls since they need scoring and he's a great shooter.
  • Ennis to the Heat is also a good fit. He will have a hard time fighting his way onto the court but they definitely need to add some youth and athleticism to their wing rotation.
  • For my Bullets, I like Glenn Rice a lot and the big Ern has been saying for a long time that they only wanted to keep 2 guys from this draft but I'd have rather had Muscala. We need a young big and don't have a lot of shooting from the post so he'd have been a good fit. I wonder if this means that Webster isn't being resigned or is Rice just insurance? Adding Porter and Rice makes it very crowded if Beal/Ariza/Webster are all back.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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