NBA Draft 2013 grades roundup: Washington Wizards win!

Mike Stobe

"The Wizards did a great job in the 2013 NBA Draft," says almost everyone. Here's a roundup of draft grades.

The Washington Wizards took Georgetown product Otto Porter Jr. with the No. 3 pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, and traded the Nos. 38 and 54 picks for Glen Rice Jr., whom the Philadelphia 76ers selected with the 35th pick. Rounding up reaction to the Wizards draft, the consensus seems to be: hmm, the Wizards actually got it right on draft night. Let's begin with some draft grades.

  • SB Nation (Porter -- Upside: B, Fit: A, Immediate Impact: A-)
  • ESPN (A)
  • CBS Sports (Porter: A+; Rice: A+)
  • USA Today (A)
  • Yahoo! Sports (No grade, but Jeff Eisenberg calls Porter "a near no-brainer at No. 3.")
  • SI (No grade, but Andy Glockner writes that Porter "was the obvious pick to make." Plus, Ben Golliver included the Wiz among his draft winners, stating "Porter's fit alongside John Wall and Bradley Beal is so logical it barely warrants further comment.")
  • (No grades, but their analysis calls Washington the "ideal situation" for Porter and Rice "an excellent shooter and NBA-level athlete at both wing spots.")

As for general coverage of the Wizards' draft, make sure to check out our BF roundtable, Mike's trepidation over passing on Nerlens Noel, and Umair's endorsement of Rice. Some other links.

  • Naturally, Ernie was happy with the Porter pick. It would have been #SoWizards though if he'd greeted the press and trashed the selection.
  • Jason Reid is also bullish on the Porter pick, and the Wizards' future in general. Otto doesn't have any tattoos, does he? [Washington Post]
  • Minutes after being drafted, Porter was already fielding inane questions from the media. Welcome to the NBA, rook. [Wizards Insider]
  • Porter would like to wear No. 35 in the NBA to honor his father, who wore the number when he was a player. Problem is, a current Wizard already wears No. 35, and he's probably the last one you'd want Porter to throw down with. [DC Sports Bog]
  • Wizards = draft winners.

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