Rotation rotation rotation

The nba draft is all finished and I think now is the time to start thinking about next year.

We need to start being real about who and who doesn't have a spot on this team for years to come. The time has come for some players and its time to kick certain players to the curb.

John wall- is there really much to say about him? HE IS OUR FRANCHISE

Brad beal- nearly as important to the team and John. He is a special player and is the exact player we need at the sg position. Another no brainier cornerstone to our franchise

martell Webster-very productive and regardless of us drafting Otto deserves a spot on this team. He comes in and produces- what more could we ask him to do? Happy to have him back if he's willing

nene- good vet to have around, injury lurks him but plays well most of the time when he's in the game. Nene AINT going no where

oakafor- probably the best vet to have on a young rebuilding roster, the story about him giving John a slight knock on the head was awesome and saved johns max contract for him. Expensive but worth it because of his on court and off court play.

Otto porter- welcome aboard. Do what we drafted you to do and you'll be loved by all... Even the Bennett, Noel guys.

Seraphin- this is where it starts getting tricky, I like what seraphin does... When he does it well. He's so talented and has a nice build that it would be crazy to let him go. I think he still has potential to be a starter in this league. Call me crazy but I don't mind us skipping on a big man because I still think Kevin can be real good.

Ves- you have one more chance to show that you can play in the slightest bit, that one chance is the summer league. Hit some jumpers, body a defender or two down in the post and grab some rebounds and maybe you can stick around one more year.

Glen rice jr- YESSSS I loved the move to grab him. Great great choice ern, Witt, Ted. Proud of you for this

aingelton- uhhh I don't know where I stand with sing. I want to like him but he has to produce. If he was a defensive stopper I would keep him on the 8 man rotation but he gets into foul trouble to often which won't float in the nba.

Ariza- I liked what Ariza did but I think using him as trade bait may benefit us more than keeping him around taking minutes that may not be there for the taking.

Temple- good rotation guy. Cheap and productive, happy to had him back

booker- sorry man. Love the intensity you play with but you don't bring too much more to the table which we can have

Heres how I see the roster playing out

Pgs- wall, temple, (fa pick up, maaaaybe Tomas?)

sgs- beal, rice, temple

Sf- Otto/ Webster, rice

pfs- nene, seraphin. Ves

C - oakafor, seraphin, ves

Not coming back- singleton, aj price, Ariza (via trade), booker

With the addition of a few free agents I think we have a good 8-9 man rotation while still developing our young players without giving up on them.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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