Re-Sign Garrett Temple

Yes, it's draft day, and yes, on draft day, of all days, I'm making a fanpost that doesn't have anything to do with the draft, well sort of (you'll see at the end).

Anyways, besides for obviously drafting the right player is THE top priority right now for the offseason (I swear to the lord baby jesus, Ernie, if you draft a Euro with that pick just because he's "the next Dirk" I will personally drive to DC and find where you live and leave a burning industrial sized trash bag full of dog feces on your lawn), what everyone else is focusing on is John Wall's contract, and of course, re-signing Martell Webster.

All of which are important moves to me (please Re-Sign Webster, even if you pick Porter), however, one thing that I don't think has been focused on enough is the situation with Garrett Temple. I think one of the most important things, if you're going to contend in the NBA or to have any solid foundation as an NBA team, is you have to have a fairly consistent bench throughout the years. I mean that in both ways, as in keeping them together because they're a good second group, and in that you need a second group that can consistently play well, or as well as a second group can.

I liked what I saw from Garrett Temple this past season, or at least when he was coming off of the bench. On some nights, when Bradley Beal was hurt, he had to start, and unfortunately, that's not quite the best fit for him. What he is good at, however, is being a role player coming off of the bench when he needs to as an influential part of the second group. This season he averaged about 23 minutes per game, partly because of the nights that Bradley Beal was injured. He scored about 5 ppg, also racking up 2.3 apg and 2.4 rpg. What I really liked is his three point shooting ability, shooting .325% from three, which isn't bad. These aren't bad numbers for a backup SG, and while they aren't great, I for the most part have based the idea of re-signing Garrett Temple on the eye test, one that I think he has surely passed.

Now, if Bradley Beal is one of those players that always gets hurt in the NBA, then we might need to find a low-money SG that has had experience starting in the NBA, compared to someone like Garrett Temple (I'm thinking maybe Stackhouse). If Beal can stay healthy, then Temple can succeed in a bench role.

Temple is a Restricted Free Agent this offseason, meaning whenever someone tries to sign him, the Wiz will get a chance to match or exceed the offer. Get crackin', Ernie.


Off-Topic: As far as our backup PG spot goes, I really DON'T like AJ Price as our backup. I'd like for us to keep one of (the first one) the second rounders and go after Peyton Siva (someone who I've been growing on, and had a good workout for the Wiz) or even Erick Green, who, mind you, carried a bad Virginia Tech team in a really good ACC, and will excel in a reduced role in the NBA.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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