Trading down with the Pelicans

There are rumblings in New Orleans that the Pelicans may try to move Eric Gordon this Summer. A perfect trade for them would be to trade Gordon to Indiana (his home state) for Danny Granger. The Pelicans have a gaping hole at the 3 and Granger is one of the better two way Small Forwards in the League.

If they intend to trade Gordon, the Pelicans can build around a core of Anthony Davis, Ryan Anderson, Granger and Austin Rivers; but it would mean finding another Shooting Guard - so drafting Victor Oladipo or or Ben McLemore would make a lot of sense. Unfortunately, I doubt either will be available at pick number 6...

For some reason, the New Orleans brass don't seem to appreciate Greivis Vasquez and keep looking to replace him. The latest rumor is that Cleveland has offered the 1st pick for Vasquez plus the number 6 pick and a 2014 first round pick. That seems like highway robbery, especially considering how loaded the 2014 draft is and the fact that New Orleans should be a team in the Lottery next year.

I have always liked Greivis Vasquez' game. He's a terrific passer and a very intelligent player. He has worked hard to improve his shot - and his defense has improved; although he's still probably below average. He would make an absolutely terrific third guard for the Wizards - a player that could back up BOTH John Wall and Bradley Beal.

So I propose this trade:

Greivis Vasquez + 6th pick + 2014 2nd round pick for the 3rd Pick (Vasquez salary will fit into the Traded Player Exception the Wizards received in the Jordan Crawford trade - so no salary has to be sent back to NO). That trumps the Cleveland deal; but it's fair to both N.O. and Washington.

At pick number 6, the Wizards will still be getting a quality player - as either Porter or Bennett will surely drop.. My opinion is that Otto Porter would drop... Cleveland will take either Len or Noel. Orlando will snap up Noel if available, if not they'll take McLemore. New Orleans will take Oladipo. Charlotte will take Len (or if he's not available, McLemore). Then Phoenix will have their choice of Anthony Bennett or Otto Porter... leaving the other to Washington.

So - the Wizards get a terrific passing combo guard (still on his Rookie contract) to bolster the bench; they get a high 2nd round pick in next year's loaded draft, and STILL come away with either Anthony Bennett or Otto Porter.

What you you guys think?

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