Thomas Robinson Trade Scenario That Works?

Yesterday, Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that that the Houston Rockets are shopping second-year forward Thomas Robinson in an effort to clear cap room so that they can sign C Dwight Howard. They need to clear $3.5 million in salary, which just so happens to be the exact amount owed to T-Rob. Robinson is from DC and would love to join the Wizards, the Wizards have a hole at PF and would love to plug-in Robinson. Ernie should do everything to make this happen, right?

The problem is the Wiz cannot do it alone. They do not have the assets to make a deal happen. They don't have a non-guaranteed contract to send to Houston. They don't have the required cap space to accept bigger contracts. They do not have large enough trade exceptions to make this deal work.

A third team is required to make this happen. That team might be the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland needs a small forward who provides defense and is a veteran presence. It would also be great if the player didn't jeopardize their 2014 "King James Sweepstakes 2" cap space.

Trevor Ariza checks all of these boxes.

Here is the proposed deal:

Washington Wizards trade:

SF Trevor Ariza to Cleveland Cavaliers.

PF Trevor Booker to Cleveland Cavaliers,

or Jan Vesely, or Kevin Seraphin to sweeten the deal for them. If we're adding Robinson then we have no use for at least one of these players. I wouldn't care if it were any of the three quite honestly. They aren't very good, get over it. Let's just choose Booker because he costs the least.

Top 5 protected (at least) 2014 1st round pick to Houston Rockets

Washington also uses their 1.3 million Jordan Crawford trade exception to even the money (1.3 M JC TE + 2.25 M CJ Miles contract = 3.55 M Thomas Robinson's contract).

Cleveland Cavaliers trade:

SF CJ Miles (2.25 fully non-guaranteed contract) to Houston

Houston Rockets trade:

PF Thomas Robinson to Washington Wizards

Every team gets what they want. They all win. It's works, I think. I couldn't check it in ESPN's trade machine because they don't know that Ariza will exercise his option.

Wizards New-Look Roster

PG John Wall

SG Brad Beal

SF Otto Porter

PF Thomas Robinson

C Nene

6th: Veteran FA PG

7th: GF Martell Webster

8th: FC Emeka Okafor

9th: FC Kevin Seraphin

10th: GF Cartier Martin

etc, etc, etc

What do you think?

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