Tomas Santoransky

Thought I would make a post on Tomas Santoransky asking what the chances are that he be brought over next season. Honestly watching his highlights from this past season he looks like hes ready in my eyes. Dude is a great athlete with great size and speed. Him standing a 6'7 would make him one of the tallest PGs in the NBA. Other things that Tomas is great at? Passing dimes to the open teammate and getting to the rim and scoring. If I were Ernie I would check him out this offseason by working him out and playing him in the summer league. If everything looks good I would add him to the roster for next season. He cant be much worse than AJ Price was most of the time and it would be easier on the wallet.

Most Recent Highlight

Based off of his recent highlights he shows signs of amazing athleticism and ablitliy to feed the open man. He would be a little raw but hey how else is he going to learn. It would also be extremely interesting to see what kind of bond him and Jan could form while playing on the court at the same time. Since they are good friends maybe they could help each other on the court and maybe Jan would then not look like a 10 year old at a new school while hes on the court.

Personally I think EG should give him a shot! I mean why not we are already at rock bottom, its the final year of EG's contract, and he wouldnt be worse than AJ Price so you might as well. Give him a chance along with all of the other guys on the roster who never get a chance to play so that they can learn and develop.

A chinsese proverb states

Tell me, I’ll forget
Show me, I’ll remember
Involve me, I’ll understand

Guys like Jan, Tomas, and Singleton need a chance to play and learn the ropes. Sitting on the sideline isnt developing their game. Look at how the Spurs do things, Did you honestly think Danny Green would be the player he is now coming into the league? I didnt but he learned from getting put into the game often by Popavich so that he could develop his game in game time situations. Look at Jan's highlights from the last few games of the season.. he certainly showed signs of improvement because he was finally getting his PT. In the end I feel that guys like Tomas and Jan should get their chance! What are your thoughts?

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