What if Cleveland takes Porter

In discussing the draft, most people have assumed we will take Otto Porter- and for good reason. He is the third best player on the board and a perfect fit for us. Unfortunately, he is also a perfect fit for someone ahead of us- Cleveland. The overwhelming sentiment is that Cleveland will take Noel, the undisputed best player and Orlando will take either McElmore or Burke at #2. However, the Cavs have been discussing taking Porter with the first pick and if they do, the Magic will almost certainly take Noel.

That would leave the best available board going something like McElmore, Oladipo, Burke, Bennet, Len. Well the first three players on that list are guards, something we do not have a need for.

We could just take Oladipo at three and use him as a change of pace third guard, but I am not a huge fan of taking backup guards at third overall. I think McElmore is a poor man’s Bradley Beal and as much as this pains me to say (Huge UM fan) I think Burke will flame out as an undersized bust. I don’t believe in taking unpolished Ukrainian/ White guys at 3 overall either and Len has no offensive game more than 3 feet from the basket, I really dislike him. However I think Anthony Bennet will be an excellent pro. He is easily the best offensive prospect in the draft this year and I think we already have plenty of good defenders in our frontcourt (e.g. Okafor, Nene, Ariza) and we could use a great scorer as a big man. Of course he will have to improve his defense significantly from the dreadful place it is at now, but I think he will. So far he has gotten by without playing good D because he has always been good enough not to, but in the NBA that will change. Young players mature and that is what I think will happen with him. If he even develops into a below average defensive player he will be worth it as a scoring machine. However, the question is do we really want another unproven head case who doesn’t play D on our team. I must admit it’s tough to spend two years ridding the clubhouse of locker room cancers and then turn around and draft one. Of course the Wiz could always just….

Trade the pick. This is the move I like the best if Cleveland takes porter. Do not trade for overpriced vets but for young players with potential. I won’t go into the details of every trade but here are a few scenarios that make sense for DC.

Minnesota: 3 pick + Nene+ Singleton/ Seraphin/ Vesely (2 of 3)for Love + 9 pick+ Ridnour

Sacramento: 3 pick straight up for Boogie Cousins

Or 3 pick+ 2014 1st rounder for Cousins + 7 pick

Philly: 3 pick for Thad Young and Lavoy Allen

Utah: 3 pick for Favors

Or 3 pick for Kanter + 14 pick

Detroit: 3 pick plus second rounder + Vesely/Singleton/ Okafor for Monroe

Or 3 pick Vesely/Singleton/ Okafor for Drummond and Singler


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