What to do about Wittman...

While most of the members of this site agree that Ernie Grunfeld should be fired, it seems that there really isn't a consensus among members about how to proceed with the coaching staff. A pretty good argument could be made by those who feel that Randy Wittman should be fired and those who feel that he has earned another year at the helm. With about a season and a half under his belt, we know exactly what his strengths and weaknesses are, which may not have been the case at the end of last season.


  • Defense - The team has improved greatly on this side of the ball, and though there were probably improvements strictly due to better personnel, Wittman deserves some credit for coaching the first Wizards team in my memory that was anywhere close to mediocre defensively, much less hovering around the top 10.
  • Attitude - Wittman has forced the players to take accountability for their missteps on the court. This has trickled down to the players, who reinforce these standards. An example of this is the argument between Okafor and Wall.
  • Game management - From the rotations to the late calling of timeouts, Wittman clearly struggles with this aspect of coaching, aka maybe the most important task of a coach during the game.
  • Offense in general - Another obvious weak point for Randy. The half court offense got better when Wall hit his stride, but if I remember correctly was still middle of the pack. Some of this can be attributed to injuries, but there's also a clear lack of legitimate plays. This is before we take into account how horrendous the plays were when coming out of a timeout. I would guess that there were at least five winnable games that the team lost due to the coaching, both before and after Wall came back.
Given these strengths and weaknesses, the following question should be asked: is Randy Wittman capable of being the head coach of an NBA champion? In my opinion, no. And if that's true, then wouldn't now be the perfect time to fire him and hire a coach deemed capable of coaching a champ? The team next year, if healthy, will likely make the playoffs. Even if Wittman is the coach. If that is the goal set by the organization, then he couldn't possibly be fired next year. In fact, since it is the last year of his current contract, he would receive an extension. At the very least, he will be the head coach for another two years if he isn't fired now. Thanks for reading, I know that this is a bit lengthy for a Fanpost, but I've been thinking about this for a while.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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