Dan Fagen: John has submitted a trade request (This is an April Fools headline)

Yes, it's fake even the name's misspelt. Yes, it's April's fool. Yes, its late as I'm not in the US. And yes, it's not funny. But it might not sound as fake in 2-3 years

I've read quite a few articles from BF today, by reading Wall naming PGs who are better than him, whether the current roster is taking the team anywhere, this possibility came to my mind and I found something interesting so I wanted to share with you.

I believe that John has turned the corner and hasn't finished turning yet, and he will become very very good, maybe HOF good, it may not come true but what IF it comes true? Will the Wiz be able to keep him here?

Nowadays players decided whether they want to stay and even where they want to go, EVEN we max him. He is now happy as the team is improving a lot and getting the Ws, but given as fierce a competitor as John is, this team will need to be able to contend to keep him here (.500 or playoffs will not enough soon as he's going to be able to get them by himself just like CP3, Lebron, Iverson). And BTW, Toronto (27-47) is officially eliminated from playoffs contention, we (27-46) will be officially missing our 5th consecutive playoffs soon.

I always doubt that this team (including us as fans) has the right to think "nah he's too injury prone don't get him (Love), nah he's too expensive don't get him (Iggy), nah he's too old don't get him (Gasol), or nah he's crazy don't get him (DMC)". We need all kind of talents to take this team to another level, don't get me wrong, I love the current squad and chemistry they have, but after some serious thoughts, I think we need to be honest to ourselves that these players are not gonna make us contenders, here's why:

2010-2011 NOH VS 2013-2014 WAS

  • CP3 > Wall
  • Marcus Thornton (traded for Landry) / Belinelli < Beal
  • Ariza = Ariza
  • West = Nene
  • Okafor = Okafor
  • Jack ~ Webster (different function but similar level)
  • Landry (traded for Thornton) = Booker + Saraphin + Ves + Singleton

There are some weird similarity with the two squads, and the results for the first one:

  1. Lost Western Conference Playoffs First Round
  2. CP3 traded

I'm high on Wall but still not sure if he can be as good as CP3, the ONLY difference here is Beal, assuming his game grows consistently and become his best case scenario of a young Ray Allen, the rest still won't take us anywhere.

What I want to bring up is, this team is limited in talent/ the talents have shown their ceiling, we need to be active in FA and trades to land at least one high potential/ expensive/ crazy player that give the team a chance to be good in a couple of years and avoid what NOH experienced.

Get Love/ Cousins for anyone besides Wall and Beal, get Gasol (FA next season) for Nene + Okafor/ Ariza if possible, try to make a damn steal-trade like Harden or T-Rob, etc.

There are so many things that can be done and the management should act quick. We should continue to enjoy what the current players bring to the court for us, but if we want to have a contending team we need to accept changes (well God knows what changes EG is capable of making, but still).

Also, I know many of you are against tanking, but I say go for it if it brings a brighter future, the gap between 40% of getting a top-3-pick and 4% is too huge for a team like the Wiz

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