John Wall M.I.P and other Award predictions

With John Wall's recent play, its hard not to consider that he potentially could win Most Improved Player award. I cant think of any other player who everyone completely questioned if he even had Star qualities, and then not only rose his own game to superstar performances, but has also been publically considered the difference between the wizards being a lottery team and a playoff team.

If wall can continue playing at this level (and drop a few more 25+pt games in the process) I think he can get enough momentum going to earn Most Improved Player Award. Van Gundys change of tune does nothing more than help his cause, and brings national light to how the wizards who everyone scoffed at have suddenly become, if nothing else, a decent N.B.A. team.

Aside from wall (and more to ensure this quibble becomes a fanpost) here are some of the other award predictions i have.



Hate his guts, but how can you turn your back to the dominance he has portrayed all season long. He was long since considered the best player in the NBA, and this has turned out to be a career year for him in many aspects.

Rookie of the Year:


The blazers put him at the forefront of their team right off the bat, and while i question his potential to grow as a player, the guy has been performing at a Star level the whole year. I still think Beal has the potential to be better overall.

6th Man:


Hes probably the favorite especially if the Spurs continue to win. It kinda sucks that everyone knows hes actually a starter and Pops just has him come off the bench cuz its cute or something. J.R. Smith might be a close second, and if he keeps performing as he has been lately, he will get enough media momentum (being in New York) to probably take it). Manu is always a potential favorite though.

Defensive Player:

Joakim Noah

I'm biased, but really, Noah has been the bulls best player in more than one category all season long. Hes injured now, and depending on how long he remains injured people might just move on to the next best defensive player.

Coach of the Year:


Pops is probably going to win it, but there are quite a few candidates that can draw arguments. George Karl has done a magnificent job with denver this season, Erik Spolstra (who i dont think deserves it) coached a team to 27 wins in a row, and Tom Thibadeau has coached a bulls team with mostly newer (and worser) players to over achieve and be one of the top teams in the east with one of the best defenses. But Pops got early momentum and has done an amazing job of managing injuries, egos, and lack of talent all season long.

Your thoughts?

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