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The John Wall Max Contract discussion

Does John Wall deserve a max contract? Will he get it this summer? Rounding up all discussion in this StoryStream.

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Wall names 8 point guards better than him

John Wall did a wide-ranging interview with David Aldridge of (scroll down) last night. During the interview, Wall and Aldridge collectively named eight point guards that are currently better than the Wizards' third-year man.

"You've got Chris Paul, Russell [Westbrook]," he said Sunday night. "Derrick [Rose] right now. I'd say Kyrie [Irving]'s up there, doing pretty good. I like [Portland's] Damian Lillard. I'd say he's up there in that category. He's playing out of his mind, to play like he's a rookie. I feel like those years in college really helped him. I feel like they'd be the top."

He agrees, when Rajon Rondo's name is mentioned, that Rondo is better. He goes along with Denver's Ty Lawson, and volunteers Golden State's Stephen Curry. And that's the list. Eight better.

(Tony Parker is not mentioned; I'd guess that's an oversight).

That all leads into a discussion of whether Wall is truly a max-contract player. Aldridge concludes that Wall should get a five-year deal that's slightly less than the max.

One other takeaway: Wall strongly endorsed the additions of Martell Webster, Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza. Wall said those players care about winning and gave him confidence to shoot freely, unlike previous teammates that "weren't very professional about their job."


Prediction: Wall gets the 5-year max this year

Think I'm wrong? Well, you're probably not alone.


Wise weighs in on Wall Max Contract Saga

It's hard to separate fact from opinion in Mike Wise's column on the John Wall Max Contract Debate (which is understandable, of course: it's a column), but this line was interesting nonetheless.

If the Wizards don't attempt to re-sign Wall this offseason, he is as good as gone. They shouldn't run the risk of upsetting Wall and losing him for nothing, simply on principle that he might be worth less.

That seems hard to believe given the obvious advantage the Wizards would have in matching any offer if Wall hits restricted free agency, but the idea that the Wizards shouldn't overrated principle is one that has been noted by several here as well.


Wall would be 'hurt' if no extension by October

Yesterday was apparently John Wall Max Contract Interview Day. On the heels of a CSN Washington report that "signals point" to Wall getting a max contract, Wall told Michael Lee of the Washington Post that he would be "hurt" if he didn't receive a new deal this summer.

"I would be hurt. I feel like anybody should that feels like they are a franchise guy and proven themselves and still working to develop and get better. But this is a business and you have to deal with the stuff that comes with it and goes with it. I leave that up to those guys, but I love playing for D.C. I love this team, my staff, my teammates."

Wall is eligible to receive an extension this summer that would kick in before the 2014-15 season. Because of NBA rules, the Wizards have exclusive rights to negotiate with Wall from July 1 to October 31. If the Wizards and Wall cannot work out a new deal before then, he will become a restricted free agent after the 2013-14 season.

Lee reports that the Wizards have "budgeted to keep Wall with the organization for a long time," but that's not exactly news. Of course you would plan on keeping Wall for a long time. As discussed yesterday, the question is price (max or no max) and timing.


'Signals point' to Wall getting a max deal?

One report suggests that "all the signals point" to John Wall receiving a maximum contract extension, but this report yields many more questions than answers.


Wall feels he's a max-contract player

Grantland's Zach Lowe, one of the very best hoops writers the Internet has to offer, published a complete transcript of a one-on-one interview he did with John Wall prior to Friday's game against the Brooklyn Nets. In the interview, Wall said that he thinks he is good enough to merit a max contract.

Have you started thinking about your contract extension talks yet?

I haven't started thinking about that.

Really? The deadline isn't that far away.

That's true. Look, I'm just enjoying D.C. This hasn't been going the way we wanted it to, in terms of winning, but I think we are building something here.

Do you feel like you deserve a max contract? That you're a max guy?

I feel like I am. I do, definitely.

Now, I wouldn't read too much into this. Lowe asked Wall the question straight-up, and Wall isn't going to say he doesn't deserve a max contract. But as Lowe notes earlier, the deadline for an early extension is approaching (the end of October, to be specific), and the five-year max is a tough sell at this point.

There's a lot more to the interview, particularly on the technical side with Wall's defense and perimeter shot. The whole thing is absolutely worth a read.

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