Wargaming the offseason

Assuming a salary cap that's around $70MM, If you could remove any 3 players from this team, taking salary/productivity/role into account, who would they be? The goal is to create the best team in the shortest amount of time while maintaining as much cap flexibility as possible.

Things to consider- sure Okafor makes a lot of money, but he's also an amazingly consistent double/double threat with great character who anchors a top-5 defense. Sure Vesely is a non-contributor now, but is the sample size really worth giving up on him and saying there is no potential there for a breakout (every Wizards fan knows how many times we've given up on players who seemingly found their way on other teams).

Also, take future salary into account. Do you think Ariza (who is clearly a significant contributor to this team) signs a more reasonable contract in the future? Does Seraphin demand a big raise after next year? If you believe either answer is yes, do you try to trade now before your back is against the wall- and try to get somewhat some value?

Also, there is going to be a lottery pick on the way that needs to be accounted for...making someone's current role shrink....and I'm assuming everone wants Martell to stay with a raise in order. So what now?

For what it's worth, I'd remove Ariza (who I really like a lot in the short term, but whose salary is very high now and likely won't drop too much a year from now- i.e., get some value and find a team looking for big cap relief after 2013-2014. We could either take a shot at finding another Martell), Singleton (who I think has hit his potential- he's decent, but 2nd unit needs an upgrade on offense and thus he becomes expendable) and Martin (not sure what his role is anymore). I suppose Vesely should be an easy answer, but he has no trade value and for some reason, I think that dude has potential (not sure why, but I do)

  1. Wall
  2. Beal
  3. Webster
  4. Nene
  5. Okafor
  6. Ariza
  7. Temple
  8. Seraphin
  9. Price
  10. Booker
  11. Singleton
  12. Vesely
  13. Martin
For Reference:
Player Cap Hit 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 Signed Using Guaranteed
Emeka Okafor* $13,490,000 $13,490,000 $14,487,500 Bird Rights $27,977,500
Nene Hilario* $13,000,000 $13,000,000 $13,000,000 $13,000,000 $13,000,000 Bird Rights $52,000,000
Trevor Ariza* $7,258,960 $7,258,960 $7,727,280 DPE $7,258,960
John Wall* $5,915,880 $5,915,880 $7,459,925 1st Round Pick $13,375,805
Bradley Beal* $4,133,280 $4,133,280 $4,319,280 $4,505,280 $5,694,674 1st Round Pick $8,452,560
Jan Vesely* $3,202,920 $3,202,920 $3,340,920 $4,236,287 1st Round Pick $6,543,840
Kevin Seraphin* $1,797,600 $1,797,600 $2,761,114

1st Round Pick $4,558,714
Martell Webster* $1,750,000 $1,750,000 MLE $1,750,000
Chris Singleton* $1,551,840 $1,551,840 $1,618,680 $2,489,530 1st Round Pick $3,170,520
Trevor Booker* $1,385,280 $1,385,280 $2,350,820 1st Round Pick $3,736,100
Leandro Barbosa* $854,389 $1,229,255 Minimum Salary $854,389
Jason Collins* $854,389 $1,352,181 Minimum Salary $854,389
A.J. Price* $854,389 $885,120 Minimum Salary $854,389
Cartier Martin* $854,389 $915,852 Minimum Salary $854,389
Garrett Temple* $572,943 $572,943 Minimum Salary $572,943
Earl Barron $384,360 $384,360 $384,360
Shelvin Mack $300,000 $300,000 $300,000
Jannero Pargo $137,387 $137,387 $137,387
Shelvin Mack $62,769 $62,769 $62,769
James Singleton $854,389
Maurice Evans $854,389
Morris Almond $854,389
Team Totals $60,923,942 $59,325,627 $57,065,519 $24,231,097 $18,694,674 $133,699,014

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