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Wizards vs. Bucks: Washington plays spoiler, wins, 106-93

Led by a dominating performance from John Wall, the Wizards topped the playoff-bound Bucks, 106-93.

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Recap roundup: Lots of Wall coverage

Rounding up the recaps from Wednesday's 106-93 Wizards win over the Bucks.


Less is more

John Wall kept things simple during his standout performance against the Milwaukee Bucks, but arriving at that conclusion can sometimes take time. Is the Wizards' point guard finally starting to grasp the concept?


Martell Webster, midgets and staying ready

WASHINGTON -- This will go down as the most amusing moment in a weird Wizards season. After the game, Martell Webster was asked about Trevor Booker's big fourth quarter and the importance of staying ready when you're out of the rotation. His answer is ... well, it's pretty incredible.

Here's the full transcript of the exchange.


REPORTER: Martell, the fact that [Randy Wittman] always talks about having guys be ready. Be ready. Be ready. But for [Trevor Booker] to come out and do what he did tonight, that really speaks to his character, wouldn't you say?

WEBSTER: Yeah, definitely. Book wore his heart on his sleeve tonight, and he came out and performed, which is the most important thing. Whatever it takes you to get ready, you've got to do it. Some people are superstitious. Hey, if it helps you get your mind into the game, do it. Do it. At this point where we are in the season, I don't care if you have to come in here and blast music. Whatever it takes. Have two midgets come in here and massage you. Whatever it takes, man, do it. 'COME ON IN HERE. BRING THEM IN HERE. RUB THEM DOWN.' (Laughs). We're at that point right now where we have to sacrifice to get guys into the game, so I'm going to have two midgets come in here and rub me down.

(Everyone laughs).

REPORTER, holding back laughter: The proper term is "little people."

WEBSTER: No, I call them midgets. I went to school with one, and I said, 'What do you prefer?' She said, 'I don't care. Midget. Call me a midget.' So that's what I'm going to call you.

(Reporter starts asking the next question, but Webster can't stop laughing.


Hey, whatever it takes, right?


GIF: Wall shakes Jennings for three

In case you missed it in the comments thread of the recap, here's a GIF of John Wall shaking Brandon Jennings and hitting a three, via our GIFmaster WIZ_SPURTIN.




Wall dominates as Wizards top Bucks, 106-93

John Wall dominated with 23 points, 10 assists and five rebounds as the Wizards rallied in the fourth quarter to top the playoff-bound Milwaukee Bucks, 106-93.


Your Wizards-Bucks game thread

Discuss the game here.


Price out, Beal sits, Ariza a game-time decision

WASHINGTON -- You can add another name to the list of wounded Wizards. Backup point guard A.J. Price will join Bradley Beal on the shelf when the Wizards face the Milwaukee Bucks, coach Randy Wittman announced before the game. Wittman was not clear what body part is hurt, but Price is listed as having a "sore right groin."

"Good question," Wittman said when asked what ails Price. "Hamstring, groin. It's an injury."

Wittman also said he has "no idea" how long Price will be out of action.

Price played through the injury in the Wizards' loss to the Cavaliers on Tuesday. He did not make himself available before the game. The Wizards will only have two healthy guards (John Wall and Garrett Temple) available to play.

"Opportunity knocks. People need to take advantage of it," Wittman said.

Wittman also said he may have to "talk to management" about potentially adding another guard to the roster. The Wizards currently have the maximum 15 players under contract, and all have guaranteed deals, so to add another player, they would have to waive the injured Leandro Barbosa and eat the value of his pro-rated minimum contract.

Trevor Ariza, meanwhile, will be a game-time decision after injuring his knee during the Wizards' loss in Cleveland. Wittman said Ariza has been playing through pain for a few games now.

"He's been having little issues with his knee here of late, and he couldn't get it to loosen up [Tuesday]," Wittman said.


Ariza injures knee, 'probably' out vs. Bucks

The Wizards' forward hurt his left knee against the Cavaliers and probably won't play Wednesday against the Bucks, at the very least.

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