Wizards Wrap: Everyone is starting to take notice of Bradley Beal

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

In this week's Wrap, the internet is impressed with Bradley Beal, and John Wall's teammates try to keep his spirits up.

For those looking for a seat on the Bradley Beal Bandwagon, you'd better grab one now, because they're filling up fast:

  • Bradley Beal has impressed his teammates with both his improved play and on-court leadership. [Washington Examiner]
  • Jason Reid thinks Beal might be the star the Wizards have been waiting for. [Washington Post]
  • If you missed James Herbert's piece on Beal, it's a must-read. [SB Nation]
  • There's some quick (but glowing) comments on Bradley Beal by ESPN's David Thorpe towards the end of this video. Thorpe expands on those comments a bit in his latest rookie rankings.
  • Beal may be flourishing in the NBA, but he's no match against a 10-year-old in HORSE. Seriously, this video is adorable (skip ahead to the 2:00 mark). [Monumental Network]
  • With John Wall seemingly down on his play of late, his teammates are trying to keep his confidence up. [Washington Post | Washington Examiner]
  • Shoot, Jose Calderon chased Wall down after Wednesday's loss to the Pistons to remind him to keep his head up.
  • Randy Wittman doesn't want to hear you criticizing Wall. [Us]
  • Wittman is open to talk about players' minutes, just not in the middle of a game. [Wizards Insider | CSN Washington]

  • Everything has been a bit gloomy since the Pistons game, but here's a reminder that the Wizards' locker room is a pretty loose place. [DC Sports Bog]
  • The Wizards are really good at hitting corners threes. Like, really, really good. Great stuff here. [Truth About It]
  • Boswell is glad to finally have adults in charge of the Wizards locker room. [Washington Post]
  • The biggest Wizards story of week outside of D.C. was Steve Buckhantz's botched 'DAGGER!!' call at the end of the Pistons game. Buck and Twitter on the 'DAGGER!!' that wasn't. [DC Sports Bog | Truth About It]
  • How much does everyone love the retracted DAGGER? This much.
  • Yeah, sure, the Wizards aren't making the playoffs this year, but the future certainly looks brighter than it did a couple months ago. [Washington Times]
  • Ian Thomsen's latest column has some excellent stuff on Martell Webster, including the tragic story of he lost his mom at the age of 4. [SI]
  • Has Kevin Seraphin replaced Jordan Crawford as the Wizards' volume shooter? [CSN Washington]
  • We're not the only Wizards blog whose writers like to start email threads and then turn them into full-blown posts, but at least this one is pretty good. [Wizards Extreme]
  • John Wilkes has a nine-step plan to fixing the Wizards. [Ball Hogs Radio]
  • The guys over at Wizards XTRA debate in their latest podcast whether the Wiz have the NBA's best young backcourt.
  • You can add his absence from the Rising Stars Game to the growing pile of evidence suggesting Jan Vesely will never be an All Star. [Truth About It]
  • Yep, this exists. Here's an explanation.
  • Which local college player is the better pro prospect, Alex Len or Otto Porter? [CSN Washington]
  • Remember when JaVale McGee was traded for the Nuggets, and the Denver media went about explaining how misunderstood Pierre had been in D.C.? Cue the same thing in Boston, where the campaign to justify Jordan Crawford has begun. [Boston Globe]
  • Flip Saunders is open to a return to the NBA sidelines, but only for the right situation. Seems the Wizards taught him a lesson. [Star Tribune]
  • Michael Levin pulls no punches in this scathing critique of Doug Collins. [Liberty Ballers]

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