Chris Singleton says Wizards would have been 'top 4 in the East' if healthy

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The reserve Wizards forward made a bold statement about where the Wizards would have been if they were healthy all season, but he's not alone in thinking big in that locker room.

WASHINGTON -- A win over a big-name team like the Brooklyn Nets, especially when it came after wins over other big-name teams like the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Clippers, will make any team confident. So you can understand why Chris Singleton slipped the following line in his middle of his postgame media address.

"If this team was healthy from the beginning, I feel like we'd be top 4 in the East," he said.

People will take Singleton to task for that statement, but I've got his back. You have to believe if you play for a professional team, and Singleton was riding a high like the rest of the club after a job well done this week. Plus, the Wizards are now 10-7 in their last 17 games (16 with John Wall), with wins over the Thunder, Nuggets, Blazers, Hawks, Bulls, Knicks, Clippers and Nets. Is it really that crazy?

OK, probably. But Singleton isn't the only one confident in that locker room.

"Everybody knows. Every team knows what we would have been like because we're showing teams now," Wall said. "It's something you just have to move forward on because it happened already this season. But I feel like we would have been in the playoffs right now."

"I don't even know what our record is, there are so many games. There are too many games to count," Bradley Beal said. "It's been great for us. You can't really look at our record. Our record should be backwards, whatever it is."

(To be fair: Beal has repeated that line about the team's record being backwards multiple times this year).

Clearly, this locker room believes. Leave it to Martell Webster to keep things a bit more level:

"That's a fantasy. I don't know. We were healthy with what we had and we found ourselves in a slump. You can be 100 percent and still be in a slump. The perfect example is the Brooklyn Nets. They have the same team they always had, and they're losing. You just have to figure out a way to stay together, stay in the moment and make each other better," he said.

Webster's realism is much-needed, but there's also nothing wrong with belief. Let the players feel the way they feel.

And maybe ... they aren't that far off.

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