Trade Deadline Deals

The trade deadline is approaching and I don't really expect the Wizards to be players, but what else is there to talk about?

I am no capologist, but I thought I would take a stab at this. The biggest problem is that we don't have a lot of real assets to play with here.

Our highest value players are Bradley Beal (rookie deal) and John Wall (rookie deal), who pretty much no one wants to part with. In the next tier I would put Emeka Okafor ($13.5M, 2 yrs) and Nene ($13M, 4 years). They have big contracts, and still a little too much time on their contracts to be cap moves for teams up against the tax, but they can play.

Next I would put Jordan Crawford (rookie deal, $1.2M, 2 years). He has garnered some interest pixels because he is young, cheap, and can score although he is very streaky.

I'm going to put Trevor Ariza ($7.3M, 2 years) next because maybe some team wants to make a move and has a relatively large contract to move, but Ariza's is shorter than some and he can give you some defense and experience. In a perfect world, this is the best contract because it facilitates getting a younger but overpriced star.

Last I would lump our youngsters who are on cheap contracts but have huge holes in their games, including Vesely (rookie deal), Seraphin (rookie deal), Singleton (rookie deal) and Booker (rookie deal). I doubt anyone really wants them.

I guess the next question is, who needs to cut salary? FWIW, HoopsWorld says the Wiz are in one of the best positions salary tax wise. The teams in luxury tax territory are Memphis, Lakers, Heat, and Knicks, Warriors and Bulls by a hair. Dallas apparently is trying to shed salary to go after a free agent. They have a bunch of junk, including Shawn Marion ($8.6M, 2 years) and Vince Carter ($3M, 2 years).

Now let's look at players on the block.

Kevin Garnett ($11.6M, 3 years): was talked about on PTI and Wilbon said he would take nothing less than Eric Bledsoe (rookie deal) and DeAndre Jordan ($10.5M, 3 years). Talk about old for young!! Yikes!

Pau Gasol ($19M, 2 years): Too old, right? Pass.

Josh Smith ($13.2M, 1 year): Streaky shooter, and Atlanta says they want to pair him with Dwight Howard. Maybe a free agent option? Pass.

Paul Milsap ($8.6M, 1 year) or Al Jefferson ($15M, 1 year): What's not to like about these guys? I love Jefferson. Here are two young bigs who aren't absolutely nuts like DMC.

Derrick Williams ($4.8M, 3 years): Kahn! Williams for Ves! We'll throw in Booker. Whadayathink?? Crawford?

Andrea Bargnani ($10M, 3 years): Dude is tall and can shoot. Would the Raps like a better rebounder, like Nene or Mek?

Chris Bosh ($17.5M, 4 years): Ok, so, the Heat are awesome, and they probably don't care about the cap, but they suck at rebounding. It's their only weakness. I don't want Mike Miller, because he was a ghost for us before.

DeJuan Blair (rookie deal): Make Ernie admit a terrible mistake! Worth it for that, right?

Demarcus Cousins (rookie deal): Dude got tossed from ANOTHER game! Ownership, you don't need this headache. And hey, we need another Andray Blatche on steroids.

Danny Granger ($13M, 2 years): Pacers have been pretty damn good without him, and he's better than Rudy Gay, right? Right?

Tyreke Evans ($5.2M, 1 year): We don't need a point guard. How about Salmons? Nah. I want me some Jimmer!

Rodney Stuckey ($8.5M, 2 years): Some stupid website suggested the Wiz could use him as a shooter. I don't see this one.

J.J. Redick ($6.1M, 1 year): I hate Dook. Dude can shoot. Doesn't fit with Beal on the roster.

Chandler Parsons (rookie deal): Houston loves to wheel and deal, and the kid is a good 3 point shooter

Marcin Gortat ($7.2M, 2 years): Pheonix sucks, so....

Nikola Pekovic ($4.8M, 1 year): Kahn!! It's us again? Seriously, you want Singleton and Ves?

I hope you guys consider this a decent list. I'm sure I'm missing some guys. Basically what this has taught me is that I don't see a lot of deals out there for us. But a few websites are saying we could make a play, so there you go!

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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