2013 Offseason: What Moves Do We Make?

Well, I just read on PBT that Josh Smith is "highly unlikely" to re-sign with Atlanta this summer. So, that brings me to this...

Should we attempt to sign him over the offseason?

Personally, I believe that we should. We need some sort of star power here in Washington.

He's a borderline all-star, and while he may not be considered one of the big "superstars" in the association, he at least gains recognition, and that's what we need.

Apart from bringing recognition, he brings a lot to the table stats-wise. This year, he has averaged 17.2ppg, 4.2apg, and 8.2rpg, which is up from what either Martell Webster or Trevor Ariza bring to the Wizards.

If we acquired Smith, we'd obviously have to let go of either Webster or Ariza over the offseason, and as far as that goes, I'm a huge fan of Webster, and Ariza to me has become a bust of a trade asset. So I say we keep Webster, and trade Ariza someplace else to get rid of his contract.

Would we be able to grab Smith money-wise, considering he wants a max contract? I don't know. I've never been real good with how the money works, so I'll let one of ya'll tell me in the comments, but I think if we can afford him, I think we should definitely grab him.

Now, if we know that Smith won't be financially available, I strongly believe that we should draft Shabazz Muhammad out of UCLA (but still get rid of Ariza and keep Webster). I know the big mark on him is that he's only 6'6'', and people aren't sure that he'll be able to be a successful 3 in the league because of his size. However, as far as height goes, what if I told you that Martell Webster is only an inch taller and has been great for us?

I talked about star power earlier, and I truly believe Muhammad will be a superstar in the NBA. I've said that people have the POTENTIAL to be a star before, but with Shabazz, I think he WILL be a superstar. That's because he's explosive, and people like explosiveness. He's explosive, and he can score you a lot of points.

He's only had one game this season where he's scored less than 10 points, and he's had multiple games in which he's scored 25+ points. His averages this season are 18.5ppg, and 5.2rpg, which is pretty average rebounding ability for a player of his size, and actually up from Webster's rebound stats.

I'm really interested to hear what moves you guys think we should make during the 2013 offseason, so comment below with what you would do!


EDIT: This is something that I saw in the Nugs-Wiz post-game thread, and quite frankly, it really enticed me, and I want to see some more discussion about it.

And that was to possibly have a 3-guard line up, and to draft Victor Oladipo from Indiana. Quite frankly, that justentices me. I found myself thinking the other day when watching the Indiana-Michigan State game "dang, too bad we already have a 2 Guard, cause I would love to have this kid."

Well, looking on, Oladipo is 6'5", only an inch shorter than what Muhammad would be, and only two inches shorter than Webster. But here's something that I found really interesting:

I found that Oladipo has a big-game mentality. For the season, he averages 14ppg and 6rpg. However, I went and I looked at all of the games that he played vs Ranked Teams. For those games, he averaged 20ppg. Doesn't anyone else think that this could be a huge asset for us considering we have to play teams like the Heat a multitude of times each season? That is a quality of his that I really like, he always steps his game up for these big games.

Someone in the postgame thread said that he could be a matchup problem to other SFs in the NBA, and I agree with that statement. He's explosive, he can create his own shot when he needs to, he can drive the lane when he needs to. Oh, and one more thing, he can dunk, and he can throw it down hard.

I don't think Ernie would really have the ability to think outside the box like this and create the possibility of a 3-Guard line up, but man, this would be something special.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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