Why We Won't Get Durant in 2016


What I've learned through this whole Robinson Cano mess is that there are two types of bad agents: those who don't know what's best for their clients and therefore ultimately lowball them, and those who don't know what they're doing and always go way higher than their client is worth.

If you didn't already know, the Yankees, again, the NEW YORK YANKEES, the third most valuable sports franchise in the world at $1.85 billion, have shot down any offers that Jay-Z and Cano have brought to the table, which go upwards of $300M.

Now, Cano has been in serious talks with the Seattle Mariners, who were, as of last night, prepared to hand out a 10 year, $225M contract to him. Well, here comes greedy Jay-Z again, who has constantly been making horrible demands of teams. He demanded that they pay Cano $252M over 10 years, $27M more than what the Mariners were willing and able to offer.

The fact of the matter is that Jay-Z is one of the worst and greediest agents in the history of the business, and while personally I don't care whether or not he runs his client into the ground on NO team, what worries me is what he's going to do with his NBA players.

The NBA has a soft cap (OT: isn't Silver trying to change that?), but nonetheless, it's a cap, something that the MLB doesn't have. So, under a cap system, he has to understand that there has to be room for other reasonable starters on a team, and he can't go demanding 100 Million Trillion Billion dollars for Durant.

BUT, he's going to demand as much as the cap allows, and Wall and Beal are already going to be on big contracts for us by that time, and there will be no room whatsoever for such a lucrative contract, even if Wall and Beal were to adjust their contracts.

If it were some other agent who was a little bit more reasonable, and of course is Durant were actually interested in coming here, I think we could make it work with him, Beal, and Wall. But Jay-Z is the greediest agent of all time and is going to be demanding too much for us to handle.

UPDATE 11:10 AM: This is supposed to be a basketball post with Cano as just an explanation, but if anyone cares, the Mariners DID remain in talks and finally bit on $240M.

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