Magical Pixels, Wizards vs. Knicks: Bradley Beal is awesome as ever

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Bradley Beal returned against the New York Knicks, scored 14 fourth-quarter points and made the game-winning layup with 6.9 seconds to play. I wonder what the focus of today's Pixels might be...

Man, that was awesome. The Washington Wizards didn't play great last night, almost blowing a game they had in hand against a New York Knicks team that was ice cold from the field and down to it's third-string point guard.

But Bradley Beal, back after three weeks spent sidelined with a stress injury to his fibula, caught fire at the right time and scored 14 fourth-quarter points, including the game-winning layup with 6.9 seconds to play, in leading the Wizards to a 102-101 victory, their first at Madison Square Garden since 2006.

So good to have Beal back. But enough from me, let's get right into the Pixels.


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Game highlights

Watch Beal's game winner over and over.

You know you want to hear Dave Johnson and Glenn Consor's calls of Beal's game-winner and his big-cojones three that tied the score at 100.

Postgame interviews: Randy Wittman Bradley BealJohn WallMartell WebsterMarcin GortatCarmelo Anthony


Last game, we marveled at Chris Paul's True Shooting Percentage of 1.008 against the Wizards. Yesterday, Martell Webster scored 30 points on 13 shots, good for a TS% of .933, which isn't quite as good as CP3's, but still pretty darn impressive.

14 - Points scored by Beal in the fourth quarter against the Knicks, including the game-winning layup. NBD.



At some point during the first half of last night's game, New York Daily News basketball writer Frank Isola had this to say on Twitter.

Wizards bloggers took note of Isola's tweet. Unfortunately for Isola, they also took note that Wall was on his way to 19 first-half points, along with five assists and four rebounds.

One of the many side effects rooting on a perpetually flailing franchise is that it turns you into a cold, cynical, arcastic, snarky smartass. This applies doubly (triply??) for bloggers, who only know one way to deal with an internet troll: Troll back, only harder. Thus, you can probably surmise how people reacted to Isola's tweet.

You're welcome, internet.


Take a wild guess. (H/T @tjackson85)


Beal's winner got you all pretty excited.


# Commenter # Comments
1 Wall_Hopeful 109
2 _Chris 88
3 Yeti60 65
4 DCrez 63
5 Craig_ 62
6 BackScreenLob 60
7 Baird15 55
8 dc_chilling 48
9 Rice2012 43
10 SladeKillah 41
11 Banode 33
12 tw10 32
13 imperialme 23
14 solo.charles.5 21
15 daca 18
16 RobbieV 16
17 Durant 16
18 WindyRindy 14
19 qthaballa 13
20 segrt12 13
21 johnwallposterizes 13
23 richkam14 12
24 LeHalfrican 12
25 Rhamm21 11
26 pplchamp 11
27 ATrueNigerian 11
28 LRJ 10
29 gregjohnson1229 10
30 hotplate 10
31 Big Spoon 8
32 John Wall Stan 8
33 abdou77 8
34 DavidDunn 6
35 DCnhokies 6
36 ZonkerBL 6
37 Mac The Fan 6
38 WizforLife 6
39 PAClark11 6
40 Entr0py 5
41 elliotlevy2 4
42 MeToo 3
43 rsilbe 3
44 Big Purp 3
45 HijackedD 3
46 thisishammertime 3
47 Dutch Hoopfan 3
48 thewiz06 2
49 wuds100 2
50 ExtraSpecialBitter 2
51 Mike Prada 2
52 oakhillsteeze 2
53 Young Wook Lee 2
54 KappakidToo 2
55 KurisuDevil 2
56 Shawn-Paul Muth 2
57 Jordo 1
58 khrabb 1
59 Born of Osiris 1
60 johnc44 1
61 The Hoops Guru 1
62 WinstonCharles 1
63 melody1951 1
64 neualex308 1
65 DSRalltheway 1
66 cdinoke 1

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