Magical Pixels, Wizards vs. Bucks: Thankful for some holiday venison

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The Washington Wizards came this close to blowing it against the terrible Milwaukee Bucks, who came into the game having lost nine straight, but the Wiz finally carved up their pre-Thanksgiving deer in overtime en route to a 100-92 win.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. In addition to our families and friends, I suppose we should all feel thankful the Washington Wizards won last night because, that was close, eh?

As we're all aware, it isn't all that often the Wizards are actually favored to beat a team, so their habit of playing down to (infrequent) inferior opponents can be pretty annoying, as it was last night when they let the Milwaukee Bucks, sporting a 2-11 record and carrying a nine-game losing streak, hang around and eventually force overtime on a three-pointer from O.J. Mayo.

Thankfully, the Wiz got their act together after regulation, outscoring the Bucks in overtime 13-5 on the way to a 100-92 win, their third in a row. A game after they carried the Wizards to victory against the Los Angeles Lakers, John Wall (19 points, six assists, five turnovers) and Nene (nine points, eight rebounds) fell back to earth a bit, but luckily Marcin Gortat (18 25 points on 11-for-12 shooting) and Martell Webster (18 points, seven assists) picked up the slack.

This was a big win in that it's the type of game -- the second half of a back-to-back on the road against a poor team after a good win the day before -- the Wizards would have lost in the past, and it keeps their momentum going heading into Friday's road matchup with the top team in the Eastern Conference and the NBA's best defense, the Indiana Pacers. So yeah, be thankful.


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Game highlights


91.7 - Gortat's field goal percentage against the Bucks, on 11-for-12 shooting.

100 - Jan Vesely's free throw percentage against the Bucks. He went 2-for-2 from the stripe. #WolfProgress

100 - Percentage of Wizards' starters with a positive plus/minus against the Bucks.

100 - Percentage of Wizards' reserves with a negative plus/minus against the Bucks.



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