Magical Pixels, Wizards vs. Lakers: Washington stays afloat without Bradley Beal

Rob Carr

Despite missing their stud shooting guard, the Washington Wizards were able to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers, largely due to the efforts of John Wall and Nene.

With the news that Bradley Beal will miss at least two weeks with a stress injury in his leg, yesterday was a bit of a downer. But the Washington Wizards ended the night on a good note by picking up a solid 116-111 win at home against the Los Angeles Lakers, who were missing their star shooting guard, as well.

John Wall and Nene led the way, the former posting a third-straight 30-point game for the first time in his career, the latter recording a career-high 30 points. Trevor Ariza returned to the starting lineup, but not at the expense of Martell Webster, who filled in for Beal at shooting guard. Each Wizards starter scored in double figures, the team outrebounded the Lakers 42-34, and forced 16 turnovers while committing only 10 itself. To top it off, Wall played the closer role to a tee, scoring 11 of his 13 fourth-quarter points in the final five minutes. All in all, just a solid win.


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3 - Consecutive games Wall has scored 30 points or more, the first time he has done so in his career.

30 - Points scored by Nene against the Lakers, a career high.

7 - Points scored by Washington's bench against the Lakers.

48 - Points scored by L.A.'s bench against the Wizards.



No contest.

GIF: John Wall, 360, dunkems:





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