Randy finally figures out how the rotations using the defensive utility bench

I have been saying all season, its all about the rotations.

This bench doesn't need to score. What they need to do is rest the starters by getting one or two in at a time so Maynor, Temple and Ves can be used like what bread crumbs are to meat balls. They are starter extenders. Not replacements. None of those players are scorers, but they don't suck. Temple and Ves are energy defenders. Ves leads the team in rebounds per 36. Maynor runs the offense and rebounds. He isn't a main scorer.

If you put Maynor out there like Randy has with Maynor, Beal, Temple, Booker, Ves, defenses are just going to jump all over him. Who is he supposed to pass to for pts.

And Randy finally did what I have been suggesting. He didn't turn to a group of them, he used then one or two at a time to rest some starters.

Nene out early then back to start the 2nd. He played him the heavy mins in the 2nd. Then half time rest. Another break in the 3rd then he played down the home stretch. It was beautiful.

Beal got several mini breaks where Temple came in for him instead of playing entire quarters.

One of Nene or Gortat was always out there. One of Webster or Beal was always out there.

There was never less then two starters out on the floor....always.

The weakest line up they turned to was Maynor, Temple, Webster, Ves and Nene which he needed to do twice to get though the rotations and I'm fine with that. He never went all bench like he had been doing. No Maynor, Beal, Temple, Booker, Ves crap line ups.

Check the game flow, then look at other games. Randy finally cracked the code. Sadly it took this long. We could easily have had 2 more wins. That would be 7-6 With the number of road games we have had and the teams we have played, that would be huge. And it was totally achievable. Even with Wall playing with a stiff back.

So don't miss what really just happened in that New York game. Randy played the rotations totally different and we won on a back to back.

Rotations, Rotations, Rotations... Hopefully he keep it up even when Trevor A returns.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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