Magical Pixels, Wizards vs. 76ers: Fast start finishes with an F-bomb

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

John Wall got off to a blazing start against the Sixers, but a lifeless second half doomed the Wizards to a 109-102 loss. Randy Wittman dropped a postgame F-bomb, and the internet gave up on #playoffs.

Well that didn't take long, did it? Two games, two losses, including Friday's particularly dispiriting home opener against the supposedly-tanking Philadelphia 76ers, and the internet is already through with the totally playoff-bound Washington Wizards. Up next are the defending champion Miami Heat, who are probably miffed after starting the season 0-2, on the road, so things should totally get better from here.

But the home opener started so promising. We were all so relieved to learn within the last 24 hours that Nene's latest nagging injury was NBD, and that he'd totally play against the Sixers.

Spoiler alert: You guys are very upset with Nene. Either that, or Oscar Schmidt has hacked all your Twitter accounts.

At least the rest of the pregame introductions were awesome, right?

Welp. How'd the actual game go?

Oh, sweet. Awesome start. What could possible go wrong from here?


Oh. Twitter: Where snap judgments happen.

Hmm, how about a tweet that now seems comically tragic given how the game ultimately turned out...

HAHAHAHA yep that's the one. #tears

Still, this game was going great. Thankfully, no one tried to rob our fun by pointing out troubling in-game trends.

Leave it to Prada. That's alright, I'm sure the Wizards showed 'em, and came out of halftime with the requisite focus and energy needed to finish off a bad opponent. #trolling

Hey, let's revisit our comically-tragic tweet from earlier.

Yikes. I'm sure the postgame chatter will be measured.

At least the coach remained composed.

Crap. Well, that was a quick season. See you guys at the NBA Draft Lottery in May!

For actual coverage of Wiz-Sixers, check out our Storystream and these recaps: [WaPo (gamerJReid column) | CSN Washington (recapWall-MCW sidebar) | APSI on Wittman's postgame commentsWiz of | Philly Inquirer (gamersidebar) | Philly Daily NewsCSN PhillyThe Sixer Sense]

Here's links to postgame interviews with Randy WittmanJohn WallBradley Beal and Marcin Gortat.

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