5 Bold Predictions for the Wizards Season

This could be the year they said. This could be the year the Wizards return to respectability and make the playoffs they said. All the predictions made by the "experts" are based on just as much pure belief as mine. So here are my 5 bold predictions for the Wizards 2013-2014 season that should be taken with just as much credibility as the "experts".

1. Bradley Beal will average north of 20 points per game.

Bradley Beal steadily improved each (healthy) month of his rookie season, and made quantum improvements when paired with John Wall. There is no reason the second year man out of Florida cannot average more than 20 ppg with a much better (healthier) rotation than last year.

2. John Wall will be voted to the All Star game for the first time.

The emergence of Bradley Beal and presence of Marcin Gortat should increase the productivity of John Wall. Had he played the entire season last year, he likely would have made the all star game. But, he did not. So, he gets to wait another year to participate in the dunk fest I mean all-star game.

3. Glen Rice Jr. will be the leading scorer off the bench, after the All-Star game.

Rice Jr. is known first and foremost as a scorer. This is a very valuable asset, even more so when the team you go to is dead last in offensive efficiency. It will likely take the better part of the season to prove his worth to the coaches, but when he gets into the game and scores with ease, the coaches will have to find ways to increase their second round draft choice's playing time.

4. Al Harrington will return to his 2009 form and average 15 points and 5 rebounds.

For those wondering, yes I know should mean Glen Rice Jr. should average more than 15 ppg. But, that is because you assumed Harrington will come off the bench. John Wall has his stretch 4 so what sense would it make to keep the player brought in for one job to not be allowed to perform that job. It will not take long for Harrington's scoring ability to prove its worth over Nene's distributing skills, and when that time comes, Al Harrington will average greater than 15 ppg and 5 reb.

5. THE STREAK ENDS. The Wizards make the playoffs, and ,wait for it, advance to the second round.

The Wizards have an elite player, a solid starter at every position, and enough solid bench players to hold their own. The Wizards making the playoffs is not a very bold prediction, as it is widely predicted, but the consensus seems to be they will be eliminated after the playing the (presumed) Heat, Bulls, or Pacers. And I would agree with that. Unless the Wizards drew a team like the Nets(old), Knicks(selfish), Hawks(eh), Pistons(Chauncey Billups?), or Cavaliers(average). All it would take to draw one of these teams is a seed between 4 and 8. Which happens to be right in the projected range for the Wizards this year. This also translates to a record just above .500. This is do-able and should be a goal of the wizards for this season.

Comment with your predictions and reactions to mine. Lets do this #WizardsNation.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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