Wizards Vs. 76ers final score: Washington fumbles the game away in Philly, 92-84

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Eighteen turnovers dug the Wizards in too deep of a whole, and even a comeback in the last five minutes couldn't dig them out. Washington fell, 92-84.

Another game. Another loss to snuff out the excitement of last week.

Last week, the Wizards were riding high on the return of John Wall, a 4-3 road trip record, a Steez-ful game winner, a 5-game win streak at home, and a whomping of the Bulls. Then a sloppy loss to Sacramento followed by a sloppy loss to Philadelphia, and just like that Wizards fans hopes of their team vaulting up to the 8th seed of the East are yanked back into reality.

Yes, this team might rank eighth overall in points allowed, but they can't score. They just can't score for diddly. And when you can't score, you can't also afford to give up NINETEEN TURNOVERS (thirteen from the starters). And that's really the story of the evening. The Wizards had 19 turnovers, and the Sixers had 11. The Sixers scored 15 points off 19 turnovers, and the Wizards only scored 6. And would ya look at that: the Wizards lost by eight, 92-84.

The injury bug hit the team tonight again. Bradley Beal sat out the game to try to heal his ailing wrist. Garrett Temple got the start in his place, and he was the only starter without a turnover! His defense went a long way to keep the Wizards in the game, especially with a nice chasedown block and some aggressive coverage during the Wizards' run at the end of the 4th. But it was all for naught, including another wasted double-double for Emeka Okafor (15 and 17).

This was John Wall's shot chart tonight (courtesy of NBA.com). Screen_shot_2013-01-30_at_9

He only made 2/6 shots around the basket, and he only made 1/6 shots not around the basket. Not a great night for John. When Wall's not having a good night, it's hard for the rest of the team to get it going. See also: the rest of the season he wasn't playing.

Credit to Philly, though. They played a tough game all the way through, and newly-minted All-Star Jrue Holiday gave everyone on the Wizards--especially Wall--fits. He's a special player. Glad he's getting to shine.

Next game is Friday in Memphis, against a newly-structured Grizzlies squad. Hopefully the Wizards can figure out how to get all the slipperiness off their hands by then. Man, you can see how jarring this game was when I didn't mention Nick Young once in this recap.

What did you like from this game? Anything to take away? Sound off in the comments. Let me start you off: TURNOVERS ARE THE DEATH OF US.

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