Don't make a trade now please...

Starting off like we did, pretty much gutted the entire season. We won't make the playoffs. Trading for a fringe allstar like Gay (who I personally really like, but is having a terrible season) isn't going to do much for this season either.

No, let's

just let this current group play and let Wall and Beal develope together in a relative constant environment.

Then, in the off season, fire the guy responsible for half a decade of terrible losing upon losing, allowing a culture of bad habits to grow, terribly shaky contract descissions (Arenas, Jamison, Blatche but also trading for OkAriza instead using Lewis' early termination for example) questionable drafting and the complete and utter lack of development of whatever young talent he got with it.

Where are we now?

This is the 5th straight season the Wizards will have 20-something wins (God...). It seems that it has netted us 2 usable prospects in John Wall and Bradley Beal. We also have 5 NBA rotation (ish) players in Nene, Okafor, Webster, Ariza and Crawford and some youngsters that might or might not be usefull in the future.

Wall isn't a star yet, he has tremendous potential but people here are already grouping him with players like Harden, Westbrook or even Durant and LeBron.... I mean, come on man?! Aside from his injuries his 16 & 8 career average is promising but not quite there yet. Including his descission making (turnovers) and his proneness to be outproduced in quite a lot of his matchups (leading to very mediocre Wins Produced per 48) should tell you he still has a long way to go.

Beal is having a great January, but overall is shooting 39% from the field for 13.5 points on average. His PER and Wins Produced are subpar, but as a rookie (in what seems to be an underwhelming draft class) he looks very promising. Again, he is not a solid starter yet though and certainly not a star (people go nuts way to quickly imho).

Nene sits out 1/3 of the time due to injuries, is hampered by a lingering one or recovering from one another 1/3 of the time and is actually good the final 1/3 of the time. We knew that when we traded for him.

Webster, Crawford, Okafor and Ariza are not quite above average rotation players I would say and as a group they take up almost half of a NBA cap...

Singleton, Vesely, Booker and Seraphin all seem to have some talents but also have such significant shortcomings that one might legitimately wonder if they will ever move the needle all that much in the big picture, even if they reach their (realistically obtainable) ceiling.

This is where we are now after 4 seasons of 20-ish wins and halfway through a fifth. (note: I see no point in talking about Price, Temple and the like).

So, my view is: all is not lost, but please do not to make any moves with significant implications for the future this season. Just let Wall and Beal develope together and seriously Ted: Fire Ernie Grunfeld!!!!!!! Let a competent GM completely revamp the entire basketball operations and go from there.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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