Trade for Kevin Love

We all recognize that the team needs to make some major alterations. Many have suggested this be accomplished through trades. Our biggest weakness is at the power forward position. Jan Vesely, Kevin Seraphin, and Chris Singleton have all played poorly, at best. Trevor Booker has been hurt and is a bench player anyway. The Wizards are 20th in rebound rate. They are dead last in true shooting percentage, mainly because we have very little inside presence on offense outside of Nene. Here is my solution:

We trade for Kevin Love. When acquiring a player on a max contract you should make sure he is worth that money. Kevin Love is arguably the best at his position in the NBA when healthy. That is something that can't be said about Rudy Gay, who has never been an all-star. Between the two, it is clear that acquiring Kevin Love would be preferable. Obviously, Minnesota would not trade their best player for nothing. Here is the best trade I could come up with for Love:

In this trade I would also send the Wizards first round pick, unprotected. This is the biggest piece the Wizards are sending to the Wolves. I would try to swap first rounders but I'm not sure it would be successful. I would also try to get Derrick Williams back in return but, again, not likely to be successful. (You should always try on these things. Right, Ernie? New Orleans probably would have given you that first round pick if you asked.)

I believe the Wolves would consider this trade because Love has been openly critical towards management on numerous occasions. He has made it clear that he will leave Minnesota if things do not improve quickly. The Dwight Howard trade has provided clear evidence that teams in no-win situations with their super-stars should take the best offer they can, as soon as they can. This trade is superior to what Orlando received for Dwight Howard. This is better than what Minnesota got for Kevin Garnett. They receive three young players with potential as well as a very high draft choice, I doubt they can really do better. These pieces, in addition to their own draft choice, provides a possibly quick road to rebuilding. They also now have an opportunity to evaluate Derrick Williams and his potential.

The Wizards would do this because Nene, Love, Beal are exponentially better than Seraphin, Vesely, Crawford. They all have potential but under most circumstances they are bench players for this team. Also, getting stars like Kevin Love to come to your city is one of the toughest things to do in the NBA. Every time the Wolves play in DC Phil and Buck interview Kevin Love's dad, a former Bullet. His dad always talks about how much his family loves DC. The idea of Love staying in DC isn't that farfetched.

Here is the Wizards projected post-trade 12-man rotation:

1. John Wall

2. Brad Beal

3. Martell Webster

4. Kevin Love

5. Nene


1. AJ Price

2. Cartier Martin

3. Trevor Ariza

4. Trevor Booker

5. Greg Stiemsma

6. Garret Temple

7. Chris Singleton

That looks like a legit playoff team to me, as is, for next year. During the summer we can work to sure up the small forward spot as well as the bench. It is very difficult to win in the NBA without a top 10 player, it is also very difficult to acquire one. This trade makes sense to me on both sides. I believe the Wolves are deluding themselves if they think Kevin Love wants to stay in Minnesota long term. I believe the Wizards are deluding themselves if they believe any of these young players will be nearly as good as Kevin Love. Let me know what you think.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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