Still Mad About Harden?

A question for the many folks on here who felt that not trading Beal (plus whatever) for James Harden was a mistake...

Do you still feel the same way? Given the way that Beal has played since December (and especially since January) it seemed like a good time to revisit.

Here are Bradley Beal's January stats (Thanks Rook6980):

18ppg (46% from the field, 61% from three!!)
59.1 TS%
3.6 Rebounds

3.2 Assists
1.5 steals

Here are James Harden's January stats for comparison:

25.8ppg (43% from the field, 28% from three)
55.7 TS%

4.3 Rebounds
5.7 Assists
2.1 steals

Comparing stats between 18 days worth of games is not the best sample size, but Beal is a rookie and had a very slow start so comparing the season stats doesn't seem appropriate either. And yes, Beal's numbers will probably come down to earth a bit from where they are now. But still the potential is obvious and if he keeps this up (or anything close to it) he will be in the conversation for Rookie of The Year.

Personally I think I'm glad we held on to Beal. I think Beal/Wall is probably a better fit than Harden/Wall would have been, since Beal seems perfectly capable of thriving without the ball in his hands. Not the case with Harden, and look at how it effects Lin's game (and how mad many on here used to get last season when they felt that Crawford was taking the ball too much out of Wall's hands).

Plus there is the added bonus of Beal being on his rookie contract for the next few years (and only 19 years old), allowing them more short term flexibility to find another cornerstone piece (hopefully). And besides, who really knows what else we would have had to give up in order to get Harden for Beal (Draft Picks? Seraphin?)?

But still, Harden is Harden. Olympian and maybe the best SG in the league. A sure thing. Efficiency hero. Straight up baller. The proverbial bird in the hand. Hard to pass that up.

So... knowing what you know now about Beal would you still want to Wizards to have made that move last summer?

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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