Wizards Pride?

Well the team is finally whole(ish) and they’re looking pretty solid so far. I have to say I’m irrationally stoked considering the team is 7-28. That’s probably because this iteration of the Wizards is by far my favorite since moving here and adopting the team in 2000. As such, I’m hoping we can keep at least some of this core together and start to make something happen. I know some fans of the team have a championship-or-bust mentality, and are already talking about a reboot. Not me. I’d be excited about a team that could be competitive in a playoff series. I mere 46 wins would do it for me, because no Wizards or Bullets team has accomplished that since 1978-1979 (yes, really). You gotta crawl before you walk.

So, my hope is that some of these Wizards can truly become our Wizards. That they’ll rewrite the identity of this team and become the players that come to mind when people think of the Wizards franchise. To do that, they’ll need to eclipse the parade of transient, mediocre and/or frustrating players we’ve seen over the years. That day can't come soon enough, so I thought it would be fun to start tracking these guys’ progress up the franchise record books.

Below are lists showing players’ rankings among active NBA players and all time (i.e., stats accumulated as a Wizard). Included are only those among the top 20 active players in a given category, and whether they are in the top 100 all time for the franchise. For reference, there have been a total of 56 active players who have played for the Wizards and 374 Wizards in franchise history. All data were obtained via Basketball Reference’s Season Finder. Enjoy.

Wizards Career Active Scoring Leaders
#9 John Wall – 2,233 (#57 All Time)
#14 Jordan Crawford – 1,846 (#73 All Time)
#17 Kevin Seraphin – 989
#18 Trevor Booker – 828

Wizards Career Active Rebounding Leaders
#12 Trevor Booker – 628 (#79 All Time)
#14 John Wall – 620 (#81 All Time)
#15 Kevin Seraphin – 613 (#84 All Time)
#18 Jordan Crawford – 370

Wizards Career Active Assist Leaders
#3 John Wall – 1,114 (#20 All Time)
#9 Jordan Crawford – 435 (#62 All Time)

Wizards Career Active Steal Leaders (since 1974 only)
#8 John Wall – 217 (#35 All Time)
#14 Jordan Crawford – 118 (#69 All Time)
#16 Chris Singleton – 91 (#84 All Time)
#18 Trevor Booker – 89 (#86 All Time)

Wizards Career Active Blocks Leaders (since 1974 only)
#7 Kevin Seraphin – 137 (#26 All Time)
#12 Trevor Booker – 92 (#39 All Time)
#12 John Wall – 92 (#39 All Time)
#18 Emeka Okafor – 44 (#71 All Time)
#20 Jan Vesely – 41 (#76 All Time)

Wizards Career Active 3PFG Leaders (since 1980 only)
#7 Jordan Crawford – 150 (#18 All Time)
#9 Cartier Martin – 107 (#24 All Time)
#16 Chris Singleton – 46 (#44 All Time)
#17 Bradley Beal – 45 (#46 All Time)
#17 Martell Webster – 45 (#46 All Time)

Top 30 All Time Seasons by Current Wizards:
Wall was 9th in assists in a season in franchise history in 2010-2011, with 574.
Crawford was 26th in threes in a season all time in 2011-2012 with 79.
Wall was 29th in steals in a season all time in 2010-2011, with 121.

Crawford is currently 64th in threes in a season this year with 47.
Beal, Webster, Price and Martin have already cracked the top 100 in threes as well.
Okafor is currently 99th in blocks in a season this year with 44.

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