Siri and her NBA and Wizards knowledge

Many of you probably have Apple iPhones, and iPads, and I myself have an iPhone 4S and a "new iPad" with that crystal clear Retina Display. Yesterday, Apple released iOS 6, which I downloaded on both of my devices. I know, tomorrow is also the launch of iPhone 5, and no, I won't be getting it since I'm happy with the 4S.

One of the new features Siri, the virtual assistant for iPhone 4S/5, the new iPad, and the newest iPod Touch has is that she (at least American English Siri) has is that she can give an intelligent answer about sports scores, stats, including the NBA of course and that's what most of this post is be on.

For more technical information on Apple iOS 6 and iPhone 5, Vox Media, the company that owns SB Nation also owns a tech news blog/site called The Verge. Here is an article yesterday from them about the new iOS release. And if you need everything from the source, look at Apple's iOS site or iPhone site.

1. Siri knows how to get you statistical information and lists.

She does it from Yahoo! Sports primarily. So last night, I asked her who the leading scorers in the NBA are, and she gave me an accurate response:


and about an hour ago I asked her who the leading assistors were, which would have been Steve Nash in total assists, and Rajon Rondo for assists per game. Siri told me that "we're still waiting for the season to start." Well, thankfully, training camp is now less than a couple weeks away! And yeah, I do call my phone Awesome, because it is!


2. If you want a specific stat, Siri will tell you. Look below:


3. You can ask which team a player plays for, and Siri delivers there as well.


4. Siri wouldn't give favorites though, at least between Wall and Wolves guard Ricky Rubio:


5. Siri also doesn't know who the head coach of the Wizards (or any NBA team) is. Must be because Randy Wittman's name doesn't show up on Yahoo! Sports, or maybe Apple is fixing that right now. I dunno.


Whether you like using Siri all the time on your device, hate using her, or are somewhere in between the two extremes like myself, I think this is pretty cool. Hopefully in a future edition, she can say that a team sucks or that a certain team is her favorite in those words. Now that would be awesome!

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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