Let's all be rational here..Enough is Enough!!!!

I have been a member of the BF community for some time now. I don't post much as I don't have much time to post, however I am a frequent reader of posts and I have to say that the venom that is spit at EG is unfathomable.

Disclaimer...I am a HUGE Wizards fan and a realist. I love the NBA and want all of my DC teams to succeed. I am not in favor with ALL of EG's moves, however I am a fan of most.

Now, lets think about some things for a minute. Most of the people that detest that Okafor/Ariza trade all hate it because of the contracts. They say that the contracts wouldn't be so bad if it didn't tie up our cap space for the next two years. My response to this is SO WHAT!!!

Lets just say that we had some cap space to play with this year. We would have needed to buy out Shard (which would have cost us nearly 14 mil to do) and then amnesty Blatche (which we will do, however his cap hit won't do much to increase our available cap this year to about 12-14 mil). Keep in mind, my numbers may be a bit off, but from the majority of the posts on the cap, it looks like that is where we would've been had this situation played out.

Now that we have the cap space, lets go spend it shall we!!! Who do you want???

*Nic Batum (Restricted): Will command a max-type salary and Portland has made moves to make sure that they keep a pivotal piece to their corp.

*Eric Gordon (Restricted): Aside from the fact that he is asking for the max in any deal that he signs, NO has made it clear that they will match any offer that he receives. (not to mention he does have a bit of an injury history as well...for all those who hate that we now have Okafor, who missed most of last season with an injury.

*OJ Mayo (Unrestricted): Bench/Role player who will command anywhere from 8-12 million. Need I say more???

I chose these three players because they are at positions of need for us. They are also arguably the top FAs on the market this year.

(We still only have 12 mil available in cap space from earlier remember)

I will not delve into the 2nd tier FAs because I believe that the BF Community is a very intelligent community. None of you believe that we should really give a long term contract to a 2nd tier FA do you??? I would hope not!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we only have Okafor and Ariza for two more years. After that, they will come off the books and open up cap space for us. Maybe after the next couple of years, this team will have learned how to win and be competetive enough to warrant a big spash in Free Agency.

I for one am not ready to sell the farm on anyone in this year's FA class or next year's either (And yes, I know Harden will be a FA next year. You can't possibly believe that OKC and their shrewd Mgmt won't find a way to keep this team together do you??)

Fellow Wiz fans, can we please stop with the EG bashing and try to be reasonable before we make assumptions about the moves that this team is making. The GOOD teams build for the future possibilities as well as the present. There are ways to get better now without handcuffing our finances for the future and I believe that the trade that we made will ultimately work in our favor in the long run.

If you think that what I am saying is wrong or that I am being unreasonable by not seeing your perspective on why we shouldn't have made any of the moves that we made, please feel free to tell me what you think in the comments section!


This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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