The Curse ends at 5pm Today with the Amnestying of Andray Blatche

"THEY'RE TRULY ONE OF THE TEAMS OF THE FUTURE." said Bulls guard Michael Jordan

Do you remember that? His Airness was talking about the Future great Washington Bullets to be Wizards team.

The Bullets battled Chicago to 3 tough playoff games. We were a handful.

Chris Webber, Juwon Howard, Rod Strickland, Calbert cheaney, Tracy Murray and Big George Murseson. They were the main 6 during that first round.

Do you remembe the rookie that sat on the bench? He later became a 4 time NBA Defensive Player of the Year. We trade him and then he BLOWS up like no one's business. Non other than Big Ben Wallace. Does anyone know how Isaac Austin's career in DC ended up? (Stop asking who Isaac Austin is because I do not know).


Panic Time! The Wizards trade our Best player and the Wizards Identity Chris Webber for an old sock, former All Star Shooting Guard in Mitch Richmond. I can't stress the old part enough. Even if he was in his prime it was still a lobsided trade. Webber made the Sacramento Kings a power to wreckon with.

Poor Wes Unseld. He will have to live with that trade forever (and so will we).


EG makes a great call by giving a whopping contract to former 2nd round draft pick Gilbert Arenas. We had a nice lilttle run but Gil got hurt. And Gil was a different breed. EG takes back his good will by giving him a hundered bazillion million dollars even after the major leg injury.

Trying to clear out horrible contracts, the Wizards make a gamble and trade a couple bad contracts for the expiring contract of Mike Miller and dissappointment of Randy Foye. That 5th pick in the draft was used by Minnesota for their future All Star point guard, Ricky Rubio. Why couldn't that 5th pick be another Mel Turpin? I would feel much better.


Everyone talks about having a veteran locker room. A team where the young ones follow the lead of the grown ups. Enter Andray Blatche. A gifted player out of high school that was taken in the 2nd round. Andray couldn't get away from trouble. He seemed to not care. He was caught 3 times driving with a Suspended License. What do you think would happen to us if we did that. Easily Jail time. How about soliciting sex from a police officer? How about getting shot? Man. What gives? What was EG thinking giving him an extension. Making him opening day Captain. Remember that picture he had with the kids? SUCKER! You fell for it didn't you. How about the little pot belly?

The Ultimate Sin of the organization. The one thing a player at any level just cannot do. "Refuse to go in a game when beckoned by the Coach." Andray did it. The Wizards brushed it off. Heck, Andray got to start the next game. Before anyone should question JaVale and Nick Young and their attitude, they should ask themselves: What's the difference between JaVale having Andray Blatche or Tim Duncan on the team? Here it is: Andray put JaVale in a position to get into a fight with him at a Nightclub. I do not think that would happen with Duncan or any other mature front court player leading the way. I think the Wizards made a great move getting both Nene and Okafor. It's going to pay dividends in the attitude and how players carry themselves..


(I think it is a good sign that we drafted Bradley Beal who plays the same position as the great MJ)

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