Wizards Vs. Hawks, Summer League Postgame Quotes: Jan Vesely Is Embarrassed

Feb. 20, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Washington Wizards forward Jan Vesely during game against the Phoenix Suns at the US Airways Center. The Suns defeated the Wizards 104-88. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

LAS VEGAS -- In general, the Washington Wizards kept things on an even keel after getting blown out by the Atlanta Hawks in their first Summer League game. Everyone seemed to focus on the issues on the defensive glass, suggesting they got shoved around too much in the paint. Everyone also seemed to focus more on the play of Bradley Beal than what actually happened on the court.

Here are some notable postgame quotes.


On Bradley Beal: "He's special, he's special. If you look at his game, it's like no emotion. If you walk in the gym, you couldn't tell if he got one point or 30 points. That's a trait that a lot of guys in this league don't have, and sometimes they never will get it. ... You know, Bradley Beal is my least concern, my least concern. We just got beat on the boards today, we got man-handled today.

On how Beal opens up the playbook: "That's what the third pick does for you. He got to handle the ball, he's going to be good in the backcourt with John [Wall] and Jordan Crawford. The sky's the limit for the kid. The kid works, he loves to work. He's a great shooter, and he's got passion and love for the game, so that's the part I like about him.

On Shelvin Mack's performance: "I don't think Shelvin from last year never really had a long stint at the point guard position. This year he's going to have to do that in order to be good on this team. He'll be fine; first game jitters, they're out the way. We got spanked today, but tomorrow we'll have a better effort and a better showing."

On Chris Singleton: "I just told him to take what they give you. I had him playing the 4 some, I tried to create mismatches. Pick-and-pop, he wants to shoot the basketball, he's should be putting the ball on the floor and trying to create some things. Second half, he picked-and-popped, he made some easy shots, 15-foot jump shots, and I gave him a rule. I said, ‘You get a rebound, you push the basketball.' And he did an excellent job at that, we never saw none of that last year. This year I think coach Wittman wants all 3s to push the ball any opportunity that they get.


On fouling out with 10 fouls: "I'm disappointed. (long pause). "I mean." (Another long pause). "I don't know."

On what lost the game: "We just fell asleep on the rebounding, on the boxing out. We gave up a lot of offensive rebounds, especially long rebounds."


On the team's performance in general: "The team did pretty good, honestly. Sometimes, we should have rebounded a lot better. I think with better rebounding, we'd be a lot closer than we was. I think there were times where we were out of position on both ends of the floor. There's a lot of things we have to work on. Maybe we were just nervous."

On his demeanor: "My parents always told me, 'Never let anybody see you sweat. Never let anybody know you're nervous or weak. They'll know you're having a bad game if you show it.' I just keep the same demeanor because it always keeps the defense off guard. You never know when you're going to get into a rhythm or whatever, so you always have to stay calm and let the game come to you."

On deferring within the flow of the game: "I'm just letting the game come to me. If I'm open, coach is going to tell me to shoot it. There were times when I was open and passed it, and coach got on my head about it. It's just certain situations. I'm an unselfish player, honestly. I'd rather get somebody else going, and I'll eventually get going myself. Really just staying focused and staying within the flow of the game."


On what lost the game: "Defensively: It was the offensive rebounds. I say they were in the 20’s. Offensive rebounds, it was ridiculous. Their big man were just outhustling our big men. We didn’t rebound collectively."

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