A Way to Drastically Improve the Wizards' Medical Staff

I have been fairly worried about the team's future from a health standpoint, so I sent this e-mail to Ted regarding an article I read (I don't if someone posted it here, can't remember) a while ago. What do you guys think?

Dear Mr. Leonsis,

I have been a fan of the Washington Wizards since 2006, when I first moved to D.C. As such, I have pretty much only experienced the downfall of this franchise due to mismanagement and injuries. I would very much like it if it did not happen again.

While I disagree with the Okafor/Ariza trade for financial reasons, I believe it could very well work out for the Wizards if everyone remains healthy. However, it is clear that health is an increasingly precarious condition for our team to rely on given the roster. Nene, who has in a few games become the heart and soul of the team, has had an injury filled career (not counting cancer) and Okafor is currently with an undiagnosed knee injury. That scares me a lot: we will rely heavily on these two players for at least the next two years if the roster remains the same.

Which brings me to why I wrote this e-mail, even though I doubt you will seriously consider my proposition. If History is to be taken into account, the Wizards have one of the worst medical staffs in the NBA. They mismanaged Arenas' rehab, did not diagnose Blatche's foot injury in time, again mismanaged Crittenton's ankle injury (to this day I maintain that the pressure that young man was under, due to his contract situation, led to his outburst). They hardly seem to be capable of handling all these possible injuries. That is why I strongly recommend you read the following article:

The article is about a specialist in biomechanics who claims to have foreseen the injuries to Brandon Roy and Greg Oden, and to be able to treat them. Can you how could the Trailblazers could have been with those two players healthy? However, Portland's medical staff laughed at this man's recommendations out of arrogance. Therefore I urge you to invest in this science, and bring it to the Wizards' medical staff. To me, it seems like a very simple business decision: you have millions invested in two players who could very well get injured for extended periods of time. You could spend but some thousands more and considerably reduce the risk of losing your money for nothing, or you could go all-in and face the wrath of your fans if these players suffer injuries and the team doesn't make the Playoffs. Because ultimately, I believe that is what is at stake here: a Playoff berth, or a ticket to the lottery for the third straight year.

Thank you very much for your time,

A devoted Wizards fan.

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