John wall (underrated) will be one of the leagues best point guard (top 3)

As a wiz fan im offended about the things ive herd about john wall. i have herd some say he is a bust and over rated and cant do this and cant do that. well im here to inform you that he has a bright future and is underrated.

Wall has the makings of an great point guard:.. length, elite athleticism one of the quickest in fastest in the game , court vision, defensive anticipation, an uncanny finishing ability and an eagerness to improve. if he improves his shooting range and learns to play under control, he will become the league's best floor general. Wall finished in the top 10 in assists as a rookie with 8.3 per game despite the Wizards' terrible offense, which is just the first of his many impressive statistical marks to come. wall is the third youngest player to ever record a triple double in nba history -1st player in nba history to have at least 29 points, 13 assists, and 9 steals in a single game -joined magic johnson as the only 2 rookies to record a triple double and have 6 steals in the same game within their 1st six games -first rookie since oscar. John Wall also outperformed Derrick Rose and Chris Paul during their rookie seasons. If the success they've had is any indication, we may have a future MVP on our hands. you would be hard press to find a current NBA guard who has had a better rookie season.

this year ( still on bad team ) Wall joined Chris Paul and Deron Williams as the only players in the NBA to average at least 16.0 points and 8.0 assists. He was the only player in the NBA to put up those numbers and also average at least 4.0 rebounds. In other words, John Wall is already in elite company. Don't forget he just completed his second year in the league. To achieve what he has as a point guard in the NBA is phenomenal.

in judging by "the john wall missed assist tracker" his team mates have not been any help.

John Wall's total assists in 2011-12: 530.

John Wall's assists per game in 2011-12: 8.0

John Wall's total MISSED assists in 2011-12: 648

John Wall's MISSED assists per game in 2011-12: 9.81

John Wall's TOTAL assist opportunities per game in 2011-12: 17.81

John Wall's ASSIST CONVERSION percentage in 2011-12: 45.03 percent

a problem the off season will help to fix up (Draft FA) ...

ive neva seen a 2nd yr point judge so hard when he isnt even doing as bad as people are seeming to think.

Alot has been made about wall shooting and scoring. alot of people are wanting him to be in the D rose westbrook mode of Pg..not only is that not johns game but i perfer him to have more of a jason kid rondo type of point guard witch i think is a better more TRUE PG. the scoring point guard is overrated

Even the perhaps two best pgs in the nba ( chris paul & deron willliams) only avg over 20 points in a season twice int here careers

name a top five scoring point guard that has won a NBA championship? Can’t do it? Don’t worry, me neither. That’s because it hasn’t happened. It’s near impossible to say there have been any teams at all, with the exception of a Chauncey Billups-led Pistons team of 2004, with a point guard as the main scoring threat that won an NBA title since the 1980s.

Yes john need to get at least a mid range jumper to change the way people guard him and allow him to be more effective but i will be ok if he doesn't avg over 18 points in his career if he is running the team.

And while john has the ability to play with court vision and get his team mates involved like the good passing pg he has the explosiveness as a westbrook or d rose and he is physically in a league of his own at point guard 6'4 195

the future is bright for john wall we jus gota build around him

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