Tommy Robby (unsurgery)

Take a good look at yourself. Reposition the mirror. Cough. Read left to right. Right to left. The mental and physical exam is far from over. Gentlemen, we are on the cusp of one of the most important drafts for this franchise. I am a bastard. I have insulted some good friends, our editor, but none have been with venom. For we share a common bond that is this team. One day I genuinely believe we will be at the dream top of the pinnacle of the not 4, not 5, not 6 - but our 2nd basketball championship for our Bullets...

I KNOW we will get there.

Thomas Robinson is THE pick for us, guys. I don't believe this is simply because he is the most NBA ready player. No, I say this because I genuinely believe this player is the best player in the draft, and not only that, for our team. He is skilled, hard working, a banger, a true PF, and can run with John.

Not only that, he is the PF we haven't had since Webber. **He is the guy that can help get Wall excited in the short term and ready to sign a long term deal with us.** Sure, Anthony Davis would have been nice and MKG / Beal might have been exciting and key pieces. But honestly, fellas, can you say they are locks like Robinson? He will average 12 rebounds and 15-20 points for the next 8 years.

We can sign that elusive 2G (Danny Green, VA Tech!), but we cannot draft a sure fire all star like we can with Robinson right now

Please implore Ted/Ernie to turn to FA or the draft for our shooting guard woes. Your voice is stronger than you might think. I have no doubt Beal and MKG will be nice players, but we can package out late round picks and perhaps, singleton, for a 2G that we desperately need.

It comes down to this... Beal or MKG are not the answer, but Robinson is.

Wall / Mack (?)

Danny Green / Crawford

Vesely / James Singleton

Robinson / Booker

Nene / Seraphin

We can be this year's OKC in a few years if the bench grows up and we have good drafts and a good FA. When OKC traded Jeff Green I wondered what they were doing, but it ended up being so vital - and not just for injury's sake. It fit the plan of the team - heart murmur or not. And those are the moves we need to make. Thomas Robinson is that move. Beal is a crapshoot. MKG, while fueled by boundless potential, is also, a major crapshoot.

Robinson. Bullets. One Love.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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