This Rebuild is Getting Dicey

Suddenly We Are Trying Win Enough Games Next Season, I would rather focus on development in year 3 of a 3 year rebuild

1. This trade indicates that we are simply trying to win more games next season. I think that is a pretty short sighted goal considering we have an owner who was willing to endure 3 seasons of losing so that we could build a young championship core through the draft. Shouldn't this cap space be in play for the draft picks we plan on going forward with or a prized free agent at some point. I don't understand why all of a sudden we have to become the Bucks as fast as possible, just dead in the middle of the NBA.

Ted Leonsis layed out a plan that clearly indicated we are going to build a team around John Wall with talent through the draft. We are willing to endure losing so that we can develop these young players, coach them so that they can maximize their potential and pick high in the lottery so we can acquire enough talent to win a championship. I think the team last year lost games which was according to plan, unfortunately it was while no one was being adequately developed. However the most disturbing aspect of these trades is the fact that we don't have confidence in the talent that we drafted to improve. At most Nene, Okafor, and Ariza win us some games while they dilute minutes to our draft picks over the next 2 years making it harder for them to develop. It seems like Grunfeld is willing to sacrifice our opportunity to develop players we drafted so that we can bring in middling veterans that can provide us 5-10 more wins next season, why? So the Wizards can win enough games to save his job.

Terrible Drafting

2. Mainly looking at the draft pick of Jan Vesely, I mean I like him but I definitely think he is a weak building block to use the #6 pick on. I mean wasn't his MO that he was defensive, he could hustle and play with great energy. How are these moves not completely redundant of his skill-set. This feels like a cap crippling addition for two defensive effort players (Okafor and Ariza) to the tune of $20 million dollars next season. Why not develop the one we just drafted with the #6 pick. We also have failed to adress our perimeter shooting woes outside of Chris Singleton. I have heard a lot of different takes on what the team could have done with the draft last year, we were offered a lot of deals to move up if were willing to move J.McGee along with the picks, seems like a missed opportunity. I mean look at who we have brought in through the draft;

Vesely, Singleton, Mack, Crawford, Seraphin, Booker; How many of these guys do you feel comfortable with in the starting line up on a championship caliber team. From what I saw last season both Crawford and Vesely have fundamental flaws in their game that make them a liability on the court. Crawford has a questionable shot selection but also displays the same selfish tendencies that have sunk this team's culture for years now. Vesely is a terrible shooter, free throw shooter, can't dribble, doesn't box out and has trouble defending the 3 and the 4. Kevin Seraphin played well at the end of last season, but he started playing basketball when he was 15 and has a non-existent basketball IQ. His game consists of turn around shots with his back to the basket and trying to wrestle people in the post. I mean we have not drafted legitimate championship talent so far. I do like the game Booker brings to the table, but I don't know if he has the size to warrant being more than a rotational player. Shelvin Mack I feel is a nice backup point to John Wall and can fill in adequately when he needs a breather. I might be one of the few, but I do really like Chris Singleton, I think he spaces out the floor and will become a consistent perimeter shooter, I also like his defensive potential. But this is not enough, OKC brought in 4 legitimate all star talents through the draft and one long term starter before they began contending. Durant, Westbrook, J.Green, Harden and S.Ibaka. Outside of John Wall none of our draft picks are at their level, Singleton is a legitimate piece and maybe Seraphin with 2 years of proper development outplays Ibaka, but that's the ceiling of the picks we have drafted so far.

The Talent of Our Rebuild So Far:

3. I think it's troubling because when you draft players who I sense aren't capable of making an all star appearance:

Vesely, Singleton, Mack, Crawford, Seraphin and Booker

and you combine them with expensive free agents with a combined 0 all star appearances:

Nene, Okafor, Ariza

You do not have the makings of a championship team to keep John Wall around long term. Hopefully we bring in an all star talent with the #3 pick and I am hoping for someone significant at #32. But we've also secured ourselves enough wins next season to make sure we are right in the middle of the NBA. Which would be fine if we were seeing an increase in production because of an increase in production by our young players, but it seems like those wins are going to be won off the backs of J.Wall, Nene, Okafor. I don't see Nene and Okafor helping deliver a championship during the next decade, why build a middling team when we could build a great one.

We should only accept a contender

When a team is making moves so they can simply become better, without increasing their ability to contend for a championship, you have a black hole that NBA stars avoid. So not only does this decrease our ability to develop our own players it makes us less attractive to John Wall. Shouldn't the moves we make be focused on bringing a championship to DC, not simply making a roster bearable for J.Wall to play on.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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