Why the Ok/Riza trade is bad... from the beginning

I'll just get to it, it's late.

Last year Ernie built a team with Blatche, Young and McGee (BYM) as our leaders and the Wizards end up being the laughing stock of the NBA and continue to be. Anyone could see that those guys are not leaders. Umm we needed guys like Nene, Okafor and Ariza on the team last year at the same time we had BYM, that way we may have been able to squeeze out the most potential from the players that had the most potential. Instead we had no choice but to give the reigns to BYM and we saw the expected negative results. I'm pretty sure we would have gotten more out of BYM last year with Nene, Ok and Ariza on the team.

BUT now, the addition of OK and Ariza in front of hard working productive, albeit future bench players, which include Booker, Singleton, Vesely and Seraphin and my prefered draft choice of MKG.

Point being the addition is too late and useless for the next two years. Because:

1) We just got Nene and boy did Seraphin ball last year, get Booker healthy, maybe get an enlightened Blatche (eh I still keep hope alive for that guy, image how good we would be if he, well we all know). Let Vesely develop. And pick up a cheap free agent for injury insurance for Nene. Anyways why not wait and see how the team plays after all the changes it went through last year,

-Midseason coaching change

- BYM gone from starting line up and team!!

- Starting line up changes, some injuries

2) We got the WRONG veteran free agents. We needed a shooter right? Neither fills that roll and I hope were not banking on rookie Beal and chucking Crawford.

3) Did we just spend the money needed to get a shooter? Unless Ernie works out a trade that includes Ariza for a shooter, lol

4) I'll take Okafor but for 2 bad contracts shouldn't the #10 pick be a part of the deal? The leverage being that we don't have to get rid of Rashard Lewis. He wasn't messing up our cap space. And in only 1 more year, its bye bye Lewis. Whats one year that will be a development year anyways. The goal for the 12/13 season isn't to just win as many games as possible. Last year was a joke and wasted year so now Ernie is trying to make it go away with one magic swoop. So well improve 25-20 games. The goal for the 12/13 season WAS to get Wall some veteran leadership that could also lead with his pay on the court, get Wall at least 2 shooters, get roll player to push Singleton and let the bigs grow, and hopefully that same free agent can be the type of player to direct and guide the rookie. This free agent didn't have to be a big name all star type. just reliable and a good example, let the rookies do the work.

5) cont. 4 -- We didn't have to make this trade. Lewis' contract wasn't going to hamstring anything we needed to do. Now it seems as if we are in fact hamstrung.

6) Isn't Ariza the same as trying to sell us R. Lewis as a starter for 2 years. Ariza makes less money bit the whole deal doesn't make sense.

7) Somebody is not going to get playing time. If its a young guy, i'm going to be upset. If it's one of our overpaid free agents, I'm going to be upset and wonder why we got them.

Starting, Nene Okafor Ariza

Bench Seraphin, Booker, Vesely, Singlton

No more Martin, Singleton or Evans. I like the depth, but it doesn't fit right.

If this trade happened last year and the OK/Ariza contracts were on their last year this year and if we didn't have to rely on BYM last year asstarters, I wouldn't have minded this trade. But no, not now, not this year, come on Ernie don't pp on my leg and tell me it's raining.

I had hope and I was looking forward to this season, I thought we would be the east coast Wolves or OKC of a couple years ago. But having no doubt we would improve by the end of the season and have the 13/14 season to look to be a challenging 7/8 seed. Instead well be the like the Bucks, but worse because at least they have shooters. And well be a 8/9/10 seed and have to start building in 14/15 instead of 13/14 season.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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