Guess the prospect

Harrison Barnes could be a Paul Pierce or a Calbert Chaney. Brad Beal could be Ray Allen or Jarvis Hayes. MKG could be (a shorter) Scotty Pippen or (a much shorter) Jared Jefferies.

Let's take a look at some draft profiles, and see if you can guess who the player is. I gave up after I found out it's a little harder than I thought to pull up old draft profiles. Anybody got some old mags with funny predictions in retrospect? Which scouting reports can you find that are the most wrong??? I hope the editors won't kill me for bad attribution. Needless to say I had technical difficulties with this post idea.

Is he a point guard or a two guard? (Team page)

He is dangerously close to being a combo guard. He is too small to be a shooting guard and does not possess enough point guard skills to run a team offensively.

He rarely relied on the perimeter game in college due to his ability to take his defender off the dribble. While he shows good range in his shot, his mid-range shooting remains somewhat streaky. He must improve on moving without the ball since he often needs the ball to create effective offensive plays and could use some tweaking and should mature if he plays the point guard in the NBA.

The prototypical two guard? (From SI)

He has all the earmarks of your prototypical 2-guard. He has great size at 6-7, and is a fine athlete and great outside shooter. That is a formula for a success at the next level. He looks like a guy who will be a solid contributor but a third option at best. He is not always as assertive as he should be, and lacks the prolific explosiveness that the NBA's most productive 2-guards have. Then again, that was said about a kid out of Kansas in 1998 named Paul Pierce.

Too short? (from Usenet)

Excellent first step owns a variety of penetration moves like stutter steps, crossovers, and change of directions moves to get in the lane. Loves to create offense for himself especially when playing in one-on-one situations. Has become a much more consistent 3-point shooter from the outside. Defensively he has quick hands and plays the passing lanes well for easy picks.Has troubles defensively defending taller players this will cause him to be a liability on defense. Tweener doesn't have the play making ability to play point guard and doesn't have the height (6-3) to play shooting guard.

KEY TO ANSWERS: Don't look!!!!

First rhymes with Taylor Fade

Second played for Georgia and was NOT Glen Rice

Third was friggin awesome until Gerald Wallace came to town

Also worth noting: Michael Jordan was drafted THIRD. Wade was the FIFTH pick and Arenas was a second round gem.

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