Draft History: Sniffing out the Bust(s)?

I think its important to look back at the previous drafts to help us with this years draft. I see so many people who are confident a certain player is going to be a "sure" thing but lets remember how easy it is for a player to flop. 1 draft in the last 10 years had the top three picks turn out to be above average players and that was 2008. The top three were: D Rose, Michael Beasley, and O.J. Mayo, but as we all know D Rose tore his ACl, Michael Beasley's trouble is mental, and O.J. Mayo hasn't lived up to the hype. Every year around draft time my friends and I have arguments on who the "bust" will be and we have only ever agreed once (Hasheem Thabeet). This just goes to show how hard a Gm's job can actually be; instincts play such a key role. I am a pretty nervous fan about this draft and picking third, but I do think a gem will come from picks 4-7, like a T-Rob or Harrison Barnes. Below I have the top three picks by year, and in parenthesis the All-Star type players that were eventually drafted. In italics are the bust players (At least according to where they were picked)

2002: Yao Ming, Jay Williams, Mike Dunleavy Jr. (*Amare Stoudemire)

2003: Lebron James, Darko Milicic, Carmelo Anthony (4. Chris Bosh, 5. D-Wade)

2004: Dwight Howard, Emeka Okafor, Ben Gordon (7. Luol Deng, 9. Andre Iguodala)

2005: Andrew Bogut, Marvin Williams, Deron Williams (4. Chris Paul, 10. Andrew Bynum, 17, Danny Granger)

2006: Andrea Bargnani, LaMarcus Aldridge, Adam Morrison (*Brandon Roy injuries, 21. Rajon Rondo)

2007: Greg Oden, Kevin Durant, Al Horford (2nd Round 48. Marc Gasol)

2008: Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, O.J. Mayo (4. Russell Westbrook, 5. Kevin Love, 17. Roy Hibbert)

2009: Blake Griffin, Hasheem Thabeet, James Harden (4. Tyreke Evans, 5. Ricky Rubio, 7. Steph Curry, 10. Brandon Jennings, 17. Jrue Holiday)

2010: John Wall, Evan Turner, Derrick Favors (5. Demarcus Cousins, 7. Greg Monroe, 10. Paul George)

This year I think the Top 3 will be:

1. Anthony Davis

2. MKG

3. Bradley Beal

I think if we could redraft this class in three years it would go:

1. T-Rob

2. Anthony Davis

3. Harrison Barnes

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