Why would JaVale turn out any different than Andray Blatche in DC?

The Media is slamming the Washington Wizards organization. JaVale is balling in Denver right now. He sent a series that should have been over back to the Mile High city. I am a diehard Wizards fan. I was totally against trading JaVale McGee. It made me sick knowing how talented JaVale is and the possibility of a great Point Guard- Center combination for years to come, which is rare in the NBA.

Would JaVale turn out different than another player full of potential big man in DC?

I think we can find the answer from how the Washington Wizards handled a young, tall, athletic Andray Blatche

Is Andray Blatche a cornerstone of the Washington Wizards? Ted Leonsis said so. What has Andray proved to be a cornerstone player? Not a thing. Potential-Potential-Potential. Andray was given an extension based on this potential.

In all the years Andray Blatche was here (and he still is) was he ever pushed to be the best player that he can be? After one game where Andray kepted chucking 20 footers and trying to dribble through his legs in the first half, Flip Saunders said that he told Andray that he did not want him to do that anymore. Result: Andray starts the second half and does the exact same thing in the second half.

A couple years ago Andray REFUSES to go in the game after being beckoned from Flip. Result: Andray starts the very next game (if this had happened with my freshman basketball team this player would not only be off the bench but he would be sitting with his momma in the stands with street clothes on). Where's the Discipline? It does not exist when it came to Andray Blatche. It is sad. How could Andray reach his potential and be the player that he could be if he was never pushed and never disciplined. And then he still gets paid.

Who had a front row seat to this coddling of an underperforming big man? 20 year old JaVale McGee
Why would you expect anything different?

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