Wizards' Keys to Success in 2012 Offseason Post-Draft

In my previous post, we discussed about who should be drafted depending what position the Wizards receive because of the NBA Lottery. The Wizards' Front Office needs to go to work this offseason because this team needs work to be done and this year's free agent class has many quality players that would greatly propel the Wizards to the 2013 Playoffs.

1. The Washington Wizards need to discard the horrible contracts of Andray Blatche and Rashard Lewis. In the summer of 2010, Andray Blatche signed a 3-year, $28 million extension. Today, clearly, GM Ernie Grunfeld made horrible move. Blatche is going to be paid about $7 million this season, which seems like an awful lot of money to be paying a player who's had too many disputes with teammates and coaching staff. He is the dead weight that the Wizards are unfortunately carrying. They NEED to get rid of this dead weight either by amnestying him or trading him. Next is Rashard Lewis's massive contract. Lewis has been injury-prone since the Wizards received him in the deal for sending Gilbert Arenas to Orlando (a horrible exchange of horrible contracts). Lewis is owed about $23 million over the next two years and his contract is too expensive for the up-and-coming Wizards.

The Wizards will create ample cap room, allowing them to sign a free agent to a max-contract. This leads to free agency scenarios post-draft.

1. The Wizards will need to pursue the following players regardless of whom they draft: Andre Miller/Chauncey Billups (as backup PG to John Wall) and a 3point specialist. John Wall and the Wizards need more veteran leadership ON THE COURT (this doesn't constitute Rashard Lewis, Blatche, or Maurice Evans). Andre Miller and Chauncey Billups are two players that are aging but they would provide invaluable experience for John Wall's development and when John Wall is not on the court. Andre Miller was essential to the Nuggets' success throughout the regular season and played a vital role in the development of Ty Lawson. He could easily do the same for John Wall. Chauncey Billups is coming off a scary knee injury but regardless, he can still help John Wall a lot. Wall is looking for leadership and these two veteran guards (who can also shoot well) would fit the bill for the Wizards. Next, they need a 3 point specialist to come off the bench. This, hopefully, will be Steve Novak. He really shot lights out last season for the Knicks and could easily do the same for the Wizards. He has worked on his shot plenty and he would be a valuable asset for John Wall or anyone else to kick out for a quick and easy 3 points.

2. If the Wizards draft Anthony Davis or Thomas Robinson, then they should pursue Eric Gordon with all their might. Leonsis will have to open up his huge checkbook and get Gordon signed to a Max-contract regardless of Gordon's injury history. Gordon's worth to the Wizards is enormous, especially in scoring. Eric Gordon will be the perfect partner in crime for the speedy point guard John Wall. He can shoot light's out and create shots for himself. The Wizards are in desperate need of scoring and Eric Gordon can provide them 20 points per night. Not only will they have to pursue a star SG, they must pursue a veteran-capable of starting-Small Forward. The starting SF would be Gerald Wallace. Although Wallace has a history of injuries, his veteran leadership, experience, and skill set will be a huge asset to a young Wizards team. He will not be paid excessively given his age and injuries, but he still will be overpaid. This is because better teams such as the Miami Heat, will also pursue the savvy SF/PF (Wallace can also play PF) to give them valuable minutes off the bench. He would be a prized veteran for the Washington Wizards and provide a perfect spark to lead the Wizards to the playoffs and beyond.

3. If the Wizards draft Bradley Beal, then they still must chase Gerald Wallace as the SF but should also attempt to nab Ersan Illysova. With the Bucks, Ersan had a breakout year shooting the ball. He thrived there and could easily thrive here along with the Wizards. He provides the shooting that the Wizards need and could also make a good amount of money in free agency by signing with the Wizards. Although he may not be a solid post player yet or may never be, he can shoot. Kevin Seraphin, Trevor Booker, and Nene are solid post players, thus eliminating Ersan's offensive weakness. He may have trouble on defense guarding Pau Gasol, Chris Bosh, Kevin Garnett, but the Wizards team defense can take care of it and make the necessary adjustments just like any team would.

4. If the Wizards draft Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, then the Wizards should still look to sign Eric Gordon and Ersan Illysova, not Gerald Wallace.

The Washington Wizards will also need to re-sign Cartier Martin and James Singleton. Both of these players played their hearts out for the Wizards (and their jobs), leading the team to a 6-game winning streak to end the season. These two players provide great depth for this young team.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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