Team USA Basketball Tickets To Be Released on Wednesday, May 30 and I'm Really Happy That The Wizards Are Part of It

I got an email from the team that season ticket holders have one final presale for the Team USA game vs. Brazil on Monday, July 16 starting at 5:30 PM. According to the site, the presale ends on Tuesday, May 29, and the general public gets its chance to buy tickets on May 30 according to ticketmaster's site for the event.

So what things am I excited about?

1. The Wizards will be hosting the event, they will be represented in the game, and they will also directly assist in the development of the American Olympic team.

First, this game is right here at home at the Verizon Center. Second, Nene will be there to represent Brazil, and I will be there to cheer him in pregame at least.

Second, John Wall will be part of the USA Select Team and will work his ass off and not let Team USA get anything easy to the best of his ability. While we are all stoked to see that John will be in a nurturing basketball environment with the world's best American players, he is also helping out Team USA and the team on the floor. This beats out charity games any day of the week.

2. I get to cheer for players I like or at least admire but boo at when they come to Verizon Center.

This includes guys like KD, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Kobe who are sure to be on the final team. When they're cheered at Verizon Center, I boo them because they don't represent my team. If Kevin Love and Blake Griffin are there too (both have a good chance to make the team), I definitely will cheer for them too. Yes, I also will cheer for LeBron because he will represent us too. This is my one opportunity to openly show my admiration for the other teams' stars, and I certainly will do it then.

I also have a chance to openly cheer for the stars on the women's team, like Candace Parker, Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, and Maya Moore, none of whom are on the Mystics and all whom I admire. Getting to root for the best basketball teams in the world in the building I go to like 45 or more times a year (I lose count after 7 or 8) is going to make me feel like a little kid at the candy store. I already feel that way! I am taking off work on that day and the day after too (gotta celebrate after the game) just for this. Maybe I'm sipping too much Kool Aid because this is an exhibition but I don't care.

3. Being part of a presumably sell out crowd that will rock the Verizon Center and could be a sign of what Wizards games will be like in 2012-2013.

Haven't been part of a super rocking atmosphere for the Wizards since the 2008 playoffs. I expect the arena to be maybe only half full for the women's game if that, but for the men's game, you know it's going to be packed and mostly made up of the fans supporting the red white and blue given that Brazil will have a contingent of fans too.

Some of us are still debating over how "good" Ted plans on our team to be whether it's next year or at our peak when that time comes. Well, WHEN we are good next year (if not better than just good), it will be fun to be part of sell out crowds most if not every game and hopefully rocking just like the arena will be in July.


Are you just as excited as I am to see the best basketball team in the world play? Or am I making too much out of this exhibition game? Just want to see how other fellow Wizards fans feel on this game now that we know Nene is on Team Brazil barring injury of course, and that our own John Wall will be pushing his game to the next level next season, starting out by working out with and testing his game against the Team USA men's basketball team this summer.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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