If Wizards lose #1 lottery pick, will/can Chris Bosh fill that void?

There will no longer be a big 3 in Miami next year. Miami's owner pretty much conceded after the new CBA was agreed upon that it will be almost impossible to keep all 3 and have a GREAT team.

I don't think there should be a doubt in anyone's mind how bad Miami's 4 through 12 are. Bosh goes down and BAM, so does Miami.

I am not an NBA Capologist, but from my vantage point you want 2 Superstars and a great supporting cast around those 2. Kobe-Gasol, Durant-Westbrook, Lebron-DWade. Soon OKC will be losing some of their really good reserves in a few years. They will need to keep retooling. I think that will be the real OKC model one day. You cannot keep everybody forever. The Cap will not permit it.


I, personally, would love to have Bradley Beal. I am hesitant on MKG because if you couldn't shoot in college, what makes you think you will shoot in the pro's. Not everyone can learn to shoot. It's not a guarantee, plus what if it takes him 5 years to develop it. He might not be on the team anymore. (That's another story)

But enough with that. I want a dominant Big guy, or a guy that is close. I will take a Power Forward or a Center. I want to have a dominant small, John Wall, and a dominant big, Then we can surround those 2 with good players around.


Just like Nene, Chris is an established Veteran But with a higher skill set. Some people do not call him a superstar, but he is dang close. Playing in Toronota and behind the other 2 in Miami has kept him out of the spotlight. Having a 1-2 punch of John Wall and Chris Bosh will instantly elevate the Washington Wizards. Now that the foundation would be set we can now continue the process of loading up around them. We all know we need shooters.


The Washington Wizards trade their top 5 pick (non-number 1), Kevin Seraphin and Trevor Booker for Chris Bosh.

***After Assistance with Rook the following Trade Works according to the ESPN Trade Machine:

***Chris Bosh + Mike Miller (3 years left) = Kevin Seraphin, Trevor Booker, Rashard Lewis (1 year left) and the top 5 pick.


How about a front court of Thomas Robinson, Seraphin and Booker splitting minutes up front. That would be a very physical front court trio. Lebron and Dwade can worry about the perimeter game. If Miami believes Andre Drummond can be just as effective then it can be a consolation for not getting Robinson.


Washington's point guard and entire Front Court positions would now be set. Bosh and Nene with Jan Vesely as the 3rd wheel up front. John Wall and Mack at the point. Ernie can concentrate on bringing in, supposedly, the two easiest positions to fill in the NBA: Shooting Guard and Small Forward (even though it has been really hard for the Wizards lately).

If we cannot get Anthony Davis then for my consolation prize I want to trade for Chris Bosh. I think Miami is now willing to pull the trigger.

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