Time for "Live" Lottery

Now that everybody has finally figured out that the freshman with the "uni-brow" is a potential NBA all star, the hopes and dreams of this season's worst teams are now dreaming that Anthony Davis can save their miserable franchise. Talk to any fan of the Bobcats, Hornets, Wizards, or any other lottery destined team and they're instantly admit to you that Davis can instantly transform their annual losing team, to a perennial playoff/championship caliber one.

The NBA lottery has always been rumored to be "fixed" and conspiracy theories regarding the draft surface every year, yet despite having a TV ratings bonanza on their hands, the NBA keeps the one thing that excites fans from half of the NBA's teams a secret. Instead of showing the lottery (the bouncing ping pong balls live), they simply relay the results from the actual lottery to the masses after the fact and they expect us to believe they're being honest.

I believe that the lottery needs to be held live in order to preserve the justice and integrity of the league and it's commissioner, because there's just to much at stake and to many "what ifs" for it not to be.

Say on May 30th the envelopes are revealed and the Hornets win the lottery. Well instantly (like within 10 secs) every national sporting news source or pundit will be typing/tweeting/talking about how the NBA padded their pockets by now having Anthony Davis included in their package to sell the league owned franchise.

What if it the Bobcats win? Well they should have the best odds to win it, but people will also point to how recent rumors surfaced about how Michael Jordan would want to sell the team if they continue to lose over the next few seasons or how MJ took a hard lined stance (in line with the league) during the lockout.

Everybody wants to win the lottery, that's what makes it so exciting, because despite not having the odds in your favor, you still have a chance....and that chance to win is what makes it so thrilling!

Imagine if last weeks Mega Millions drawing ($640 mil) wasn't held live and instead of showing the numbers (ping pong balls) be selected live, they simply just put the "winning numbers" up on the screen? I'd imagine people would start to question the legitimacy of the process.

It's the same thing here...

I can't find one reason why the actual lottery drawings can't be held live and believe that the league needs to change how this annual league event is broadcasted.

I want transparency!

Perhaps this is something that the BF community, along with SB Nation can start to unify on, and see if we can get this message through to the league?

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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